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Will I Get Permanent Results With Peyronie's Traction Therapy?

Peyronie's Question

I have been reading your website with interest. I have never had any issues with peyronies or any other health issue.

Andropeyronie traction device

About a year ago I noticed a slight upward curve on the lower end of my penis when erect. I paid little attention. But the bend increased gradually and now the lower end of my erect penis is distinctly upturned. I realised this was getting worse so I began searching the net and discovered Peyronies. So far I do not experience pain, but I feel an unpleasant tightening.

Every expert says the same thing: no cure. See a doctor? They will repeat the conventional wisdom: no cure, wait and see, it is not life-threatening, its normal, sorry no solution, we can do tests.

Your website is a revelation. Thanks a million for taking time and effort to share a solution to this miserable problem. Otherwise I’d have none.

Anyway, after lengthy procrastination I decided to take action. I purchased an Andropenis. I have been using it for some weeks. This device is simple but ingenious. However, it is quite awkward and hampers physical activity. It is almost too narrow for my flaccid penis and when I erect a little bit it can become really uncomfortable. It is only comfortable when I stand or walk. As you say, it has to be removed every 2-3 hours to relieve the penis. The supplied silicon band that goes around the penis is in my opinion too narrow. It ought to be twice as wide in order to cover more of the penis. To think I’m going to have to wear this for 6 months! Anyway, I’m prepared to stick it out to get my erections straight again. I hope I will succeed. I have a few questions:

1. First, once a penis gets straightened out is it stable or will it be likely to get bent again? Are some men more prone to peyronies? It seems to be a problem for older men. What can be done to avoid it?

2. Are the other parts of the solution really necessary? I mean the vitamin E and the injections? What, honestly, was the main cure for you? Mostly the injections are described as “possibly’, “maybe” helpful. Non-committal comments like these suggest the injections are an expensive waste of time.

3. Once the problem is solved, as much as it can be, can I throw away the Andropenis, or do I have to keep using this contraption forever?

4. For upward curve, folding away from the torso is recommended. Also you recommend looping the silicon straps through the inner upper holes. Am I right in saying the outer upper holes are just as good.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


My Peyronie's Answer

Dear PF

I'm sorry to hear about your condition but pleased that you have decided to take action. I will answer each of your questions (thank you for being so organized) and attach links to the relevant articles on my website for further information.

Question 1

After you have reached the stable phase of the disease the condition will stop progressing further. So the results you get when you stop treatment after reaching the stable phase will be permanent. However, men can still get Peyronie's again in the future, i.e. if they experience further penis trauma.

The exact cause of Peyronie's is not fully known but some kind of trauma to the penis is considered most likely, e.g. the penis buckling during intercourse. There may also be genetic link. It is estimated that around 30% of Peyronie's patients also suffer from Dupuytren’s or Ledderhose's disease.

Peyronie's disease is more common among older men though men of all ages can get it. The reason for it being more common among older men may be because their erection quality is not as good (high blood pressure, medication, etc), making their penis more likely to buckle during intercourse.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of aggravating or reactivating the disease? The purpose of seeking treatment is to be able to continue to have healthy sex life. And sex as such will not make the Peyronie's worse but there are things you can do or have in mind when having sex with Peyronie's disease.

Sex and Peyronie's

Question 2

This is a bit tricky question. There is no cure for Peyronie's, only treatment options. And what works well for one man may not necessarily work for others. Some treatment options are though considered more likely to work than others are and some have better scientific backing than others do.

This article compares the most common treatment options today and links to each for more details.

Most specialists today consider little or no value in taking Vitamin E for Peyronie's. There is however more scientific backing for injections, like Verapamil and Xiaflex. However, they are expensive and more invasive options.

Many doctors now do recommend combination of treatments, e.g. Dr. Levine. But each man must make his own decision about his treatment plan.

You don't say how severe you curvature is but for men with mild curvature in the acute phase, traction therapy on its own may be good option. For men with more severe curvature, they may want to consider combined treatment to increase their changes of reducing the curvature as much as possible.

I only used traction (and Vitamin E as then recommended). I feel fortunate that it worked fine for me but this is my Peyronie's story.

Question 3

Yes, when you stop treatment (and have reached your stable phase) the condition will remain as it is and you can as such throw the device away.

Just few words about traction therapy in general. It is better to use traction for more hours per day for shorter period (say 8 hours per day for 6 months) than for fewer hours for longer (say 4 hours for 12 months). This article contains links to all my articles about traction therapy for men with Peyronie's.

I also want to recommend this article about what results can you expect from your Peyronie's treatment.

Question 4

You do say you are using Andropenis but as it has only 2 holes. So I'm assuming that you are using Andropeyronie as it has 4 holes. You are right it is recommended to use the inner holes for upward curvature. However, if you cannot use them due the width of your penis then it is better to use the outer upper holes than nothing at all.

But I recommend you contact Andromedical directly and ask them for advice on this one. You can e-mail them or call them. They also offer Live Chat on regular basis.

I hope I have answered all your questions satisfyingly and wish you all the best with your treatment. Traction therapy does require serious commitment but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. There are no guarantees but the more you use it the more likely you are to get results.

Kind regards,



  1. PFSeptember 13th, 2016

    Hi Birgir,

    I am using the Andropeyronie for about a month-and-a-half. It took a while to get used to but now I am now comfortable with it and hardly notice it. It does hamper movement quite a bit. A very loose trouser helps. Also, it makes my penis sore after about 2.5 hours of use. If I don't tighten it too much it is less sore, but then my penis slips out of it. So it has to be fairly tight. 

    A design defect is that the silicone straps easily slip out of the holding clasps. So I use a band-aid strapped across the clasps to prevent the straps popping out. This works but it is additional time and effort.

    My curvature is very noticeable. When erect, my penis roughly resembles a banana. The curve increases towards the tip of my penis. I think the traction is beginning to pay off as the district hard lump I once could feel on top of my penis, behind my penis head, seems to be gone. But noticeable curvature still exists. 

    I am hoping traction alone will do it, as getting injections sounds like a weekly trip to a doctor. And what doctor would even know what to do? And the cost?

    I do about 10 hours traction in a typical day. Every 2-3 hours I remove it for a while. If I don't remove it it becomes unbearable. When doing physical activity, or travelling, it is not practical to wear it. A long trip means, therefore, a long time without using it. 

    A correction to a point I made in my earlier email. Yes I am using the Andropeyronie with 4 holes, not the two-holes Andropenis. I am using the 2 central holes.

    I noticed that my glans is not being pulled down much, so I am now trying a novel idea. I flipped the forward half of the Andropeyronie upside down. Now my whole penis is being stretched more downwards. Remember, my curvature is upwards. So I am mostly using the device to stretch my penis out and down. But sometimes, for a change, and to relax my penis, when wearing the device I use it to stretch my penis upwards. In this case it appears like a normal upward-pointing erection. I suppose occasional upwards stretching can only be a good thing. 

    Sometimes I get a bit erect and the device then hurts. I wonder if that is not adding to trauma. Is there any risk the Andropeyronie would itself cause trauma?

    So far, there are encouraging signs that the treatment may be working. It will be a relief of it does. It is a demoralizing condition to have. But I took note of your advice to avoid any more trauma. I believe trauma was the case of it, as my penis probably got a bit banged up during  sex. And as you point out, we are not as supple when we get older. I will be more careful in future. It does not much bother my partner, and she is very sympathetic, but she notices my erection is now shorter than it used to be. 

    Please feel free to use any of my feedback. I'd be pleased to help others. I appreciate not post my real name etc as I do not want all my friends knowing about this very intimate matter (and the internet does not keep secrets!). Thanks much for your understanding.

    Once again Birgir, I much appreciate your efforts and all the info you have made available. It has been tremendously helpful, as is having someone knowledgeable to communicate with. I'll let you know how I get on with the treatment.



  • Birgir September 13th, 2016

    I'm very pleased that traction is working well for you, as you say it is early days but the start is very promising.

    The more you use the device the better results you can expect but you should always take a short break every 2 hours (as your penis is reminding you to do). Traction is safe and will not add to the trauma when used correctly, i.e. with regular breaks and only used while in control (not when sleeping or under influence).

    Getting an erection is a sign of healthy penis and nothing to worry about as such. It will make wearing the device uncomfortable so not likely to last but you can also remove the device when this happens and use it as one of your breaks.

    I have not heard of flipping the forward half of the Andropeyronie upside down before. But if that works for you and you do not feel any discomfort while doing so then fine I guess.

    You say your curvature is very noticeable. The only guaranteed way of getting straight penis is surgery but it is both costly and has some potential substantial side effects. Hopefully the traction will help to reduce your curvature to acceptable level so you can continue to enjoy healthy sex life with your partner. It will definitely help you to gain back any lost length, that just how traction works.

    Keep up the good work and we hope you will continue to keep us posted.

    Kind regards,


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