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Treatment Options for Mild Peyronie’s Condition

Peyronie's Question

Hi Birgir,

Like many others who may have told you - big wow for putting up this website. helped me so much.


Mans head

44 years old. about 11 months ago I noticed a bump on my penis. I immediately went to see a Urologist who said I have PD and said if no pain the no big deal and told me to go away.

Last month I took viagra a few times for better erection (recreational, not so required) and noticed the bump was very highlighted, so I just googled up PD and viagra and your site came up- I read every article you posted and got very educated.

At the moment there is no visible curvature, no pain or other symptom, other than that bump of 3mm in diameter and about 2mm in height. But I’m scared. and willing to do whatever is required to avoid problems.

my erection and my penis are very important to me and core to my lifestyle. I’ll buy any oral med or any other required treatment (I’ll happily buy it from your site- I’d love to give back for this amazing info-hub you created).

My question:

Based on the mild symptoms described, and based on your emphasis on the website that early treatment is crucial, what treatment would you recommend?

As I wrote I’m planning to buy it all from you as a way to say thank you...

Thanks - I hope you will answer this.


My Peyronie's Answer

Thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me and are very motivating for me personally.

Yes, early treatment can be crucial, especially when dealing with curvature and erectile dysfunction and both common among men with Peyronie’s. But in your case, with such a mild condition, i.e. only plaque, no visible curvature, doing nothing is an option.

There are ways to (potentially) remove the Peyronie’s plaque but the question is if it is worth it if it is not causing you any problems as such. The best options to remove the plaque, like surgery and even Xiaflex, are usually not done until men have reached their stable phase. And if you reach your stable phase in current condition (only plaque, no curvature) then you may count yourself lucky and don’t need to do anything.

Other options, like supplements, heat therapy, etc. may or may not help reduce the Peyronie’s plaque but again is it worth the effort is up to you to decide. You may want to consider some of those options on “just in case” basis. Just be careful, you may end up spending lot of money on something that may not change anything or very little for you.

Or you could decide to do nothing for now.

Whatever you decide I recommend two things:

1. I recommend you monitor your condition very carefully and if anything changes you may want to consider doing something, especially if you start developing curvature

2. Take reasonable care when having sexual intercourse or masturbating in the coming months, i.e. until you safely reached the stable phase of the disease (usually 12-18 months in). No worries, you can, and should, still have sex. Just be careful not to put any awkward strain on the penis that could aggravate your condition. Once you reach the stable phase you do not have to worry about this as much (men should always show reasonable care not to injure their penis)

Regarding getting better erections. If you don’t need Viagra as such then you may want to try other options to improve erection quality. Lifestyle changes, pelvic floor exercises and penis pumps, etc. can help to improve erection quality over time, i.e. kind of “penis gym”.

Again, I like to remind you, this is not a professional recommendation of what you should do. This are recommendations for you to consider and ideally discuss with your Urologist. He has examined your condition and has overview of your overall health and can give you his professional advice on this.

But I hope this is some help and I wish you good luck.

Best regards,

Hello, I'm Birgir

This website is based on my experience of Peyronie's disease