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Is there performance guarantees on penis traction devices used to treat Peyronie’s curvature?

Peyronie's Question

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Do you make any performance guarantees? What burden of proof must I provide? I want to limit self touching, struggling with sex addiction. Sex is a relational or a we thing, not a me thing.

May I contact your subscribers that are dually affected, masturbation issues and Peyronie’s? Are there resources that I may review? Is there an active round table?


My Peyronie's Answer

You don’t say if you have Peyronie’s disease but I’m assuming you do as you are reading on my website. You also do not specify which device you are interested in but I’m assuming traction device or penis pump as these are popular non-surgical treatment options for men with Peyronie’s.

You may be aware that there is no cure for Peyronie’s disease but there are various treatment options. However, what works for one man does not necessarily work for another man. This applies about traction therapy as well.

The traction devices used to treat Peyronie’s curvature are originally designed with different purpose in mind, i.e. the traction device to lengthen the penis, penis pump to give erection on demand.

No one can therefore guarantee that traction therapy will work on penis curvature or how well it will work on it (how much improvement men see can vary). However, it has helped many men to reduce their curvature, myself included, and I personally think they are well worth trying as part of any non-surgical Peyronie’s treatment plan.

How well it works also depends heavily on how dedicated the user is to use the device, i.e. will not work unless men put in the hours… and lot of them!

So the short answer to answer to your question. No, I don’t make any performance guarantees as no one can make such guarantees to men with Peyronie’s disease.

The devices can also not be returned for refund once the parcel been opened. There are hygienic and safety reason behind this as I’m sure you can appreciate. This is My Peyronie’s refund policy.

Regarding your other question about active round table, etc. I guess the answer is no. My Peyronie’s is a website with free information about the various affect of Peyronie’s disease. It’s a “hobby” site (individual), not a professional site (organization or company).

There are however some Peyronie’s forums and closed Facebook groups where you may find the support you are looking for.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best with your treatment.

Kind regards,

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