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Oral Peyronie's Treatments

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There are many oral Peyronie's treatments available, ranging from supplements to over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and prescribed medicines.

In this section, you will find comprehensive overview of each oral treatment, the considered benefits, risk involved and whether they are considered to be successful or not.

The Benefits Of Oral Treatment

The benefits of oral treatment for Peyronie's disease are considerable. Oral treatment is a non-invasive treatment option. It is also convenient option, just swallowing some tablets on regular basis.

Some oral treatments for Peyronie's disease are relatively cheap, while others are more expensive. Bear in mind that taking medication over long periods can easily add up to considerable cost, even for those oral treatments that seem cheap at first.

The Risk Involved

Taking any drugs or supplements affects the function of our bodies. Some risk and side effects is therefore always present with any oral medical treatment.

It is important to be aware in advance of any possible risk and side effects and to evaluate them against the possible benefits of the oral treatment in question.

You not only want to find a drug with minimal risk and side effects. Ideally you should only have to take it for as short period of time as possible, i.e. you don't want to take medication for prolonged periods or for the rest of your life unless you really have to.

And if you are taking any other medication, you should always check with your doctor before undertaking any oral treatment.

Comparing Oral Peyronie's Treatments

The various oral treatments for Peyronie's disease have different pros and cons. It is important to compare them carefully before deciding on your Peyronie's treatment plan. You should also compare them with other Peyronie's treatment options.

My Peyronie's Oral Treatment Comparison table helps you to get an overview over the different oral Peyronie's treatments.

The Various Oral Peyronie's Treatments Available

This is a summary list of the main oral treatments available. I'm listing them in alphabetical order, i.e. the order does not represent the expected result from the treatments.

I'm including all the best-known and most used Peyronie's treatments, even those that are now considered of little value for treating Peyronie's disease. This is so you can read about all the treatment options in one place, in similar format and make up your own mind about which treatment to go for (oral treatment or not).

Click on the links for each treatment option to see the full details and references to scientific studies.


Carnitine Treatment For Peyronie's has been beneficial for some men, especially in the early acute phase. Acetyl-L-Carnitine acts as antioxidant and as such may help to restore cells damaged by inflammation and help with the Peyronie's disease healing process.


Colchicine For Peyronie's may work as the Colchicine decreases collagen production but there is inconclusive evidence for its effectiveness. There are some notable Colchicine side effects so you should not take Colchicine without consulting your doctor first. 


L-Arginine For Peyronie's Disease is convenient and relatively inexpensive and safe Peyronie's treatment option. Some men with Peyronie's therefore choose to use it, often in conjunction with other treatment options.

There is no convincing evidence that L-Arginine works for treating Peyronie's but it might benefit Peyronie's patients that suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction.


Pentoxifylline For Peyronie's Disease seems to be among the most preferred oral treatments these days. There have been indications that Pentoxifylline may improve scarring and reduce the calcification of plaques in men with the Peyronie's disease.

Generally, it seems to be well tolerated and it is available as a generic drug, which gets the price down without affecting its' effectiveness.

Potaba Peyronie's Treatment

Potaba Peyronie's Treatment may help reducing the Peyronie's plaque and stabilize the disease. However, Potaba can be badly tolerated by some and is the most expensive Peyronie's oral treatment option.

Tamoxifen Peyronie's Treatment

Tamoxifen Peyronie's Treatment may inhibit then inflammation responses. There are though not convincing evidence that Tamoxifen works on Peyronie's. Furthermore, there is more serious health risk involved than in any other oral Peyronie's treatment.

Vitamin E Treatment For Peyronie's Disease

Vitamin E Treatment For Peyronie's Disease is probably the oldest and most commonly recommended oral treatment. However, there are no conclusive evidences that Vitamin E works on the Peyronie's disease.

Many Peyronie's patients still take Vitamin E as they see it as “cannot hurt” and it is low cost treatment option. That is fine as long as you stay within the recommended safe daily dose and don't expect too much from your Vitamin E treatment.

Compare the oral Peyronie's treatments you like best with the other Peyronie's treatment options available before making your mind up.

The best Peyronie's treatment plan for you may include more than one Peyronie's Treatment Option. Oral Peyronie's treatments are often recommended in conjunction with other treatment options, like injections, vacuum pumps or penis extenders.

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