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Use of Andropump for Peyronie's

Peyronie's Question

Received the Andropump on 5 Jan 2016.  The literature of the manufacturer does not mention Peyronies at all.

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My problem is a hard surface on top of the penis behind the pubic area when flacid and when erect the hard surface can be felt on top of the shaft.  The penis bends about 15 degrees up from the previous (normal?) angle when erect.  I am concerned about using the device.  Please offer your comments.

Also advise if decide to return without using if you provide credit. Provide instructions and address for return.

Age is 72.  Do not use any prescribed drugs and use many vitamins and supplements.  Problem started in Nov 2015.  Have been using 100 mg per day Nattokinase Allergy Research for the last three years.

My Peyronie's Answer

Many Peyronie's doctors do recommend vacuum pumps as part of their Peyronie's treatment plans, e.g. Dr. Grossman, Dr. Paulis and Dr. Ralph.

The reason why the literature does not mention Peyronie's is due to the fact the device is FDA approved. FDA does not allow any statements of claims that refer to medical treatments.

As said in my article about vacuum pump "The use of qualified penis vacuum devices is generally considered safe. However if you have any of the following conditions you should use VED with caution, i.e. those using blood thinners, have history of bleeding disorder, diminished penile sensation, history of prolonged erection (Priapism) or significant penile curvature".

Your curvature is only 15 degrees, which is considered mild penile curvature (curvature up to 10 degrees is classified as straight penis). However, you are most likely still in the acute phase (12 – 18 months) which means your condition can continue to progress. One of the reasons of undergoing traction therapy during the acute stage is to try to stop / minimise the progression of the disease (and hopefully improve it as well).

However, if you have any concerns then I would talk to your doctor before proceeding. I hope you have already seen one?

You find all the information about returning the device here. Refunds can only be allowed when returned products are unused and in their original packaging. This is standard for all products that involve personal hygiene.

I hope this is of some help and I wish you all the best with your treatment.

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