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Dr. Gianni Paulis is a specialist in Urology and in Endocrinology. He is Andrologist Consultant at the Regina Apostolorum Hospital in Rome, where he directs the Center of Andrology.

Dr. Gianni Paulis Peyronie's specialist
Dr. Gianni Paulis
Peyronie's Specialist

He also heads the "Center for the Treatment of Peyronie's disease" and is one of the most experienced Peyronie's specialists in Italy and Europe.

This is my Interview with Dr. Paulis.

I regularly receive questions from My Peyronie's readers and many I can answer directly. However, some are beyond my qualifications and require doctor's expertise.

Dr. Paulis has offered his assistance in answering the questions My Peyronie's readers may have about Peyronie's disease that require doctor's input.

If you want to ask Dr. Paulis a question, please use the contact form below. I will then forward your question to him. When I receive his answer, I will publish both your question and his answer in this section. Your will receive an email notification from me as well.

Make sure your question is clear and that you give enough background information for Dr. Paulis to be able to answer your question. For example, if your question has anything to do with your personal situation, then you must give adequate information about your condition and what you have done so far about it.

You will still need to see a doctor in person, but Dr. Gianni Paulis is happy to try to answer any question you may have about Peyronie's disease in general or your condition.

Before you ask Dr. Paulis, check my Frequently Asked Questions section to see if you can find the answer to your question there.

I'm thankful to Dr. Paulis for taking the time to answer My Peyronie's readers questions.

To see his answers, go to Peyronies Questions and Answers section.

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