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Penis Popping Sound

Peyronie's Question

I do have a question for the Q&A. I want to know if any other men have experienced a cracking, popping or similar type sensation. This happened to me recently during intercourse. I liken it to a knuckle snapping. It seemed audible, but my partner barely noticed. It was painless but extremely frightening as I assumed it to be further damaging. However, if it had any effect, it has been thus far beneficial as there is less curvature now.

Thank you again.


My Peyronie's Answer

Dear S

As I'm not a doctor and do not see patients I don't know the answer to this. However, many men talk about something like this happening few weeks prior to noticing any Peyronie's symptoms. Meaning many believe this is when the Peyronie's disease "happened".

It's good if this has not caused any further damage but I doubt this would be recommended in order to reduce penis curvature though!

It would be interesting if any My Peyronie's readers have experience anything similar?

Kind regards,


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