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Peyronie's Disease Treatments

The number and variety of Peyronie's disease treatments on offer may reflect the difficulties in managing the disease. There are however number of treatments available that can greatly benefit men with the disease.

Peyronie's can affect men differently, at different pace and severity. This is why treatment that works well for one Peyronie's sufferer may not work for someone else.

This means there is no single universally agreed treatment available. You will have to choose your treatment of Peyronie's from number of treatment options. My aim is to help you to evaluate the different options available to you.

It is important to keep your expectations realistic towards treatments since there are no guarantees where Peyronie's is concerned.

You are likely to experience some Peyronie's consequences for the rest of your life. For example, your penis may not get fully straight again unless you have a penis surgery.

However, being able to stop the disease progressing during the acute phase or even reverse the condition up to certain extend, can make all the difference for you and your sex life. The less curved or deformed penis you end up with, the better for the quality of your life.

How do we measure Peyronie's treatment success?

This is an important question to consider. Is full recovery required for a treatment of Peyronie's to be considered successful? Can partly recovery also be a success, and if so, how much is partly?

My view is to look for satisfying results. Aim to stop the progression of the disease and maintain your sexual function. Hopefully your condition will also improve as the result of your treatment, and the more the better.

When Choosing The Right Peyronie's Treatment for you, I believe it is important to keep the following factors in mind:

  • The severity of your condition
  • The phase your disease has reached
  • The expected result, cost and risk involved

Scientific Peyronie's Studies can help you to evaluate how effective the relevant treatment could be.

The Peyronie's Disease Treatments Options Available

The treatment options can be divided into two main categories, i.e. surgical and non-surgical Peyronie's disease treatments.

Surgical Peyronie's treatments

Surgical Peyronie's treatments are only performed on Peyronie's patients that have reached the chronic phase, i.e. when their condition has become stable.

Surgical equipment

Penis surgery is not only invasive and expensive operation. There is also high risk involved, such as penile shortening, loss of erectile rigidity and of becoming impotent.

Penis correction surgery is therefore only considered for the most severe Peyronie's cases, i.e. if the penis is severely deformed and making sexual intercourse unachievable or extremely difficult.

Surgical Peyronie's disease treatments are always the last line of action and most men have tried at least some form of non-surgical treatment prior to reaching this stage.

Non-surgical Peyronie's Treatments

The non-surgical Peyronie's disease treatments can be divided into different sub categories, and fight the Peyronie's disease from various corners.

  • There are drugs aimed to reduce inflammation, fight plaque formation, prevent scar formation, and so on. These can be either Oral Treatments or Injections
  • Stretching Devices have shown promising results but they are aimed to reduce the penis curvature by stretching the scar tissue
  • Then there are Other Non-Surgical Treatments, like electroshock wave therapy, which is aimed to trigger the healing process
  • Some men prefer so-called Alternative Treatments, e.g. herbal supplements, nutrition regimen, etc.
  • Finally there are always some New Treatments in development, as the search for cure for Peyronie's disease continues

There are different opinions among Peyronie's specialists and men with Peyronie's disease about the effectiveness of some of the non-surgical treatments.

There is however no doubt that many men have benefited greatly from non-surgical Peyronie's disease treatments (me included).

Comparing Peyronie's Treatments

The number and variety of Peyronie's disease treatments on offer makes Comparing Peyronie's Treatments challenging but not impossible.

I cover all the Peyronie's treatments in the same format in order to make it easier for you to evaluate the pros and cons of the treatments available to you and make an informed decision.

I also look at the factors that can affect the Peyronie's Treatment Cost and what to have in mind when comparing the cost of different Peyronie's disease treatments.

Various Peyronie's treatment options

Unfortunately, there are always people willing to take advantage of people in vulnerable situation, as people facing “quality of life” limiting diseases, like Peyronie's and infertility, are.

It is therefore important to recognize what to avoid and how to detect bogus claims and websites. As always, knowledge and common sense is power. The more you know about Peyronie's disease and using your common sense when evaluating different options... the less likely you are to fall victim of a Peyronie's Treatment Scams.

I like the old saying, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is... not true, that is.

My Peyronie's advice is this: Consider carefully all the Peyronie's disease treatments that are available to you, and meticulously weigh the benefits and the risk involved for each of them.

Bear in mind that the best Peyronie's treatment plan for you may include combination of treatments.

Dr. Levine, one of the best-known Peyronie's specialists in the world today, recommends Combined Peyronie's Treatment Plan for his non-surgical patients. His recommended treatment plan includes combination of oral treatments, injections and the use of penis traction device.

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