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Not Sure If Peyronie's (Buried Penis)

Peyronie's Question

It sounds like my boyfriend may have Peyronie's except for one thing - all of you (being yourself and your submitters) site an injury. However, I get the impression my mate has been like this his whole life.

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My mate had never watched porn before (no need) and I was his first, so he was unaware that it was unusual for his penis to be bent nearly sight down at full erection. This, of course, caused him to be very confused on how sex was actually done.

I thought it was just another way penises curved, since I had seen penises with curve in the past.

I also wondered if it was related to his being buried, despite having not seen this associated with being buried before (in case you're unfamiliar with buried penis, it's a complication with circumcision where the penis retracts into the body since it doesn't have all the skin it needs. Being overweight makes it more severe.

It is possible to attain an erection with this condition, it just rarely exceeds 4 inches. I didn't belittle him for it or anything and we still enjoyed ourselves.

I googled "downward curved penis" later and discovered Peyronie's. Since he's had it his whole life, I'm guessing the injury occurred during the removal of his foreskin. However, I haven't found a lump under his penis, which is where it would be due to his curvature. The most pain he has is from his scar (from being circumcised), which doesn't appreciate being pulled down on.

It's uncomfortable for him to have vaginal, but we've only been able to succeed at one position due to the combination of his curve and length (usually 4 inches but he's gotten around 5.5 before) and my having vaginismus (in short it's when the vagina gets a mind of its own and mostly/completely closes up).

Do you think it might not be Peyronie's?

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My Peyronie's Answer

The exact cause of Peyronie's disease is not fully known but penis injury is considered most common. However, the can be other causes, i.e. lack of injury does not automatically mean he does not have Peyronie's disease.

Bent penis is though not necessarily because of Peyronie's disease. Men can also be born with bent penis, i.e. congenital curvature.

If you boyfriend has Peyronie's disease then there may be non-surgical options available to him. However, if he has congenital curvature, then surgery is the only treatment option.

The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor and get formal diagnosis. Almost all men struggle with this part but it is important to do this a.s.a.p. Because if your boyfriend has Peyronie's disease than time is important for treatment. This article can help him prepare for his doctor appointment.

He is very lucky to have supportive girlfriend like you. I can't describe how important it is. I have heard from too many men that are struggling on their own, or their spouses are not supporting them. While those that have supportive partners do much better.

Maybe these articles can be helpful for you and your boyfriend, i.e. to get through this together.

Advice for Peyronie's partners

How to get through Peyronie's as a couple

I hope this helps. Please encourage your boyfriend to see a doctor and continue to support him. I wish you both all the best in the future.

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I figure that would be the first thing you said, and I understand why.

Hmm... it does sound more like its congenital curvature. Since function is more important to us than appearance, we'll probably focus more on the less-expensive solutions to this problem (being positions). However, I will continue to encourage him to see a doctor. He already has some drive to see one.

I will - with how much people worry about genital appearance, I imagine it can be quite the problem for others. I'd personally say they should leave anyone who teases them for looks, since this is very superficial (the partner having issues with performance is understandable, but they should still be willing to work with them).

Thanks for getting back to be so quickly! You can post this on the website using "Concerned Deflowerer" to be amusing or my initials. I also think it'd be helpful for those wondering in buried and Peyronie's are related (the amount of people with buried is worse off than you'd think with how high the cutting rate is in the U.S.).

Concerned Deflowerer

Yes, it does sound more like congenital curvature though doctor's examination is required to be sure.

The good news about congenital curvature is that it will not get worse (like Peyronie's can). So as long as sexual intercourse is possible, then it may be best to learn to live with it (least risky and costly) and like you say, focus on positions.

Unfortunately many men are too obsessed with their genital appearance. Depression is very common among men with Peyronie's disease, especially those that are single or with non-supportive partners.

I really like your attitude and couldn't agree more. The look is superficial and if you love someone, you work with them.

I wish you and your boyfriend all the best. He is really lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend.

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