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Will I Have Straight Penis After Penis Surgery?

Peyronie's Question

Doctors performing penis surgery

Tell me something, you agree after the operation you agree that the penis will be straight.

Question, will it stay straight, will there still be a little pain when having sex and if this is not the cure for Peyronie's how come although this seems the best option.

Thanks again


My Peyronie's Answer

Dear KT

As we have discussed before these are exactly the kind of questions you should ask your doctor prior to your operation.

But these are my layman's thoughts based on my research and from what I have heard from men that have had penis surgery (I do not have personal experience myself). I still recommend you send those questions to your doctor as well or raise them in your next meeting PRIOR to surgery.

Successful penis surgery should result in a straight penis. Surgery is never done unless men have reached their stable phase (the Peyronie's not progressing any more). The result should therefore be permanent (unless you have new penis trauma).

There are different types of surgeries and your condition will determine which surgery is best for you. This article contains more information about penile surgery in general and links to each surgery option.

You can expect some pain after penis surgery but it should disappear with time (can take a while though). Some men talk about numbness that can last for longer period of time (one of the potential side effects). The so called Peyronie's pain however should disappear on its own when men reach the stable phase.

Peyronie's is a condition not a disease (even though it is called Peyronie's disease) so if men experience trauma again it can resurface. This is way I say there is no cure. The condition is still there even though it has stopped progressing. Hope this makes sense.

Again, don't hesitate to ask your doctor any question you have. He is there for you, not the other way around!

All the best and good luck with your treatment.


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