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Will Penile Implant Get Rid Of The Penis Curvature?

Peyronie's Question

Peyronie's Causing Curvature Of Penis As Well As Significant ED.

Hello. I have has Peyronie's for about a year and a half. This has caused a curvature of about 60 degrees or more as well as the hour glass shaping at the plaque site.

Penile implant surgery

Recently, maybe the last 4 months, I have developed severe ED. My penis does not get hard enough and stay hard for penetration. I have been treated with Viagra 100mg and Cialis 20 mg, neither have worked. I do not want to use injectable medication.

My urologist has recommended penile grafting surgery as well as implant surgery. My insurance does not allow me to go out of network, where, unfortunately, the experts as this type of surgery are. I am in NJ, they are all in NY.

My urologist said I could forgo the grafting portion and just have the implant done which he would do. The implant will enable me to get and maintain a good erection, but do you think it will straighten out the curve? I am not looking for, nor do I expect a totally straight penis. I just want to be able to have sex with my wife.


My Peyronie's Answer

Dear J

I'm sorry to hear about your condition. As I see it, these are two issues, i.e. erectile dysfunction and penis curvature.

First about the erectile dysfunction. This article lists the most common Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Opens in new window symbol.

Some are better than others. Four are the most common, oral medication (which you say has not worked for you), injections (that you are not keen on), penis vacuum pumps and surgery.

In my opinion, any penis surgery is always the last option. Sometimes they are the only options but I personally would investigate all other avenues first.

Have you tried vacuum pump? They do give erection on demand and are over 90% effective for men with erectile dysfunction. This article explains how Vacuum Pumps work for men with Peyronie's disease.

However, vacuum pumps are not suitable for men with severe curvature so if yours is around 60 degrees you are on the borderline to be able to use it. You may have to work on the curvature first, e.g. with medication or traction therapy.

That brings us to the fourth option, penis surgery. This article is about Penis Implants.

Doctor ready to perform a surgery

I'm no expert in penis surgery and if you are going down this route then maybe you want to seek second opinion first. But based on my research penis implants can help with penis curvature, as well as give men erection on demand.

As this Study Opens in new window symbol says "Results in terms of penile curvature correction are good".

However, the risk involved is significant. Side effects can include infection, implant malfunction, device migration, device erosion, and auto inflation. Penis prosthesis can also damage the penis tissues and decrease the sensation, i.e. cause penis numbness.

Penis implant is also non-reversible operation, i.e. you will not be able to achieve natural erection after having penis implant surgery.

So if you are going down this route it might be worth seeking expert opinion out of state even if the surgery would be done in NJ.

Then regarding the penis curvature. As said before, if you go for penile implant then that should help with the penis curvature. If you go for vacuum pump and that works satisfyingly for the erection part, then there are other non-surgical procedures that may help with the curvature part.

This article gives Overview of the most common treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical.

The most common non-surgical treatments (and most likely to work in my opinion) include:

- Oral medications
- Injections
- Traction Devices

Personally, if I were you, I would look more into the non-surgical options open to you before taking the drastic option of going for surgery.

However, sometimes surgery is the only and best option, but personally I would exhaust the other options first.

I hope this helps. Have a look through this and if you have any further questions I may be able to assist with please be in touch.

Kind regards,


Ps. and don't forget the emotional side and to involve your wife. These articles may be beneficial in that respect.

- The Emotional Side Of Peyronies

- Advice For Peyronie's Partners


When I asked for permission to publish his question, J told me he had opted for implant surgery as his curvature is now 85% and he cannot keep an erection, or get an erection for that matter. He is currently waiting for the urologist office to call with the surgery date.

I wish him all the best with his surgery. In his case, it sounds like the right thing to do. Surgery should get the penis straight and erection on demand. I hope he will keep us posted about his progress.

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