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New Peyronie's Treatments In Development

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This section covers the status of the main new Peyronie's treatments in development.

As long as there is no cure available for Peyronie's disease, new treatments will be tried and tested. I will be adding new and updating the status of these treatments as soon as there is progress to report on.

The Peyronie's Drug Development Process

No drug to date has been specifically developed to treat Peyronie's disease. Drugs that are being used have been developed to treat other diseases but later tested for treating men with Peyronie's disease.

Pentoxifylline is for example used to help with blood circulation, Tamoxifen is used to prevent the growth of breast cancer, and Verapamil injections are FDA approved for treating high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat, and so on.

These drugs are all used to treat men with Peyronie's disease and have been tested on Peyronie's patients. They have however not fulfilled the criteria to become FDA approved Peyronie's treatment.

Currently, no drug has been approved as Peyronie's disease treatment but Xiaflex (currently in clinical trials) hopes to become the first FDA approved Peyronie's drug on the market.

Drugs in development go through number of phases, first pre-clinical development (research stage) before the clinical trials (testing on humans) can begin. The clinical trials are divided into three phases, i.e. Phase I, II and III.

Drug development is highly regulated business, as it should be and there are many drugs that do not get FDA approval even though early trials are promising.

Peyronie's Disease - New Treatments In Development

The main new Peyronie's treatments in development are:


The research into using Botox Peyronie's Treatment is less advanced and at this stage it is unclear when we can expect initial test results. Latest status shows them recruiting participants for clinical trials, so this has some way to go before we can expect some news.

Hybrid Medical H-100

Hybrid Medical is a newly found pharmaceutical company that combines traditional and complementary medicine. Their first product to be launched is Hybrid Medical H-100, targeted to treat Peyronie's disease (estimated launch date currently unknown).

Hybrid Medical H-100 is oil based topical gel, designed to immediately interrupt the inflammatory process, alter the plaque function, and remodel the scar tissue.

Potential Future Peyronie's Treatments

Stem cells therapy has shown to be successful in treating various conditions so no wonder there is much interest in Stem Cell Peyronie's Treatments.

It is however early days, the research into using stem cells to treat Peyronie's disease is still in its infancy. There are currently no ongoing studies so it will be a while until any more news on potential future Peyronie's treatments will become available.


I will update this section as new information about Peyronie's treatments in development come available.

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