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Does Grafting Surgery Work On Cord-Like Peyronie’s Plaque?

Peyronie's Question

I am 62 years old. I was diagnosed in June, 2013 after I noticed a small nodule on dorsal / base of the shaft.

Couple seeing Peyronie's specialist

I had some pain and gradually developed a mild, upward curvature. My urologist injected Verapamil 5 times with no improvement. Pain went away by itself after a year. However, the small nodule gradually turned into a long hard cord. It feels like an electrical wire under the skin, covering the entire dorsal. I believe the hard cord caused shortening by at least 1.5" flaccid and I lost some girth. I also noticed slight wasting near base when having an erection.  Curvature later became 45 degrees.

I had 4 cycles of Xiaflex treatments in 2015. After Xiaflex, curvature was reduced to 32 degrees with no further improvement.

I have no ED and can still have intercourse with my wife. The main bother of my condition is the curvature, shortening and slight narrowing. I feel the cord-like plaque is pulling when I have an erection and it causes tremendous discomfort. The deformity has also caused ejaculation difficulties (retarded ejaculation).

I am considering plaque excision / grafting surgery and I am hoping that the original length and girth can be restored.

I am wondering if excision / grafting will be possible since my plaque which is a long hard cord that covers the entire shaft? I have noticed on a PD forum that very few people have cord-like plaque. Your provision of information will be greatly appreciated.

My Peyronie's Answer

Thank you for sharing your experience with My Peyronie’s readers. However, as stated on my website I’m not a medical doctor and I therefore cannot advice you if surgery is suitable in your case or not. You need to see a specialist and discuss your options with him.

But you raise some interesting points that may be of interest to others. First, you mention that the pain went away by itself after a year. This is almost always the case, i.e. the pain goes away once men reach the stable Peyronie’s phase.

Then it’s good news that you have managed to reduce the curvature to 32 degrees and still have intercourse with your wife. Some of the main bothers you mention could definitely / possible be eliminated / reduced with traction therapy (the curvature possible, the shortening defiantly).

But then you say that erections are causing you tremendous discomfort and the deformity has also caused ejaculation difficulties (though there can also be psychological causes for retarded ejaculation). These issues require specialist attention and you should see a doctor to discuss your options, including surgical options.

Grafting is usually performed on men with more serious curvature (usually 60 degrees or more). Your condition may be more suited for Plication surgery. However, plication makes the long side of the penis shorter, so the result would be more penile shortening. If that is of concern to you, then traction therapy does lengthen the penis, but it does require serious commitment (daily use of traction device for up to 8 hours for few months). But again, you need to see a specialist and be examined and then advised about your options.

I wish you all the best and if you do have surgery then I wish you good luck and hope you will keep us posted about the outcome.

Kind regards,


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