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My Marriage Ended Because Of Peyronie’s

Peyronie's Question

I realize this isn’t the place for me but my marriage of 20 years ended ultimately as a result of peyronies. Little info and failed surgeries made things worse. I felt sorry for him and thought I could handle it and I was so very wrong. I ‘m. Glad to see some couples getting help. Blessings.

Unhappy middle age couple getting divorce


My Peyronie's Answer

I’m terribly sorry to hear your marriage ended because of Peyronie’s. Unfortunately, relationship problems and breakdowns are common result of Peyronie’s.

This is such a hard condition for most men as so strongly linked to their self-esteem and ideas of “masculinity”. Most men find it very difficult to talk about, even with their loving wives. Depression is common among men with Peyronie’s which puts additional strain on any relationship.

However, what is often forgotten is that Peyronie's affects not only the man with the disease. It can affect his whole family and especially the wife.

Support for both parties has been limited but in this respect the internet has helped to change things. When I got my Peyronie’s in 2007 there were no information around, which is why I started my website. Now there is much more information and support available, which hopefully can help some couples.

This is a place for anyone affected by Peyronie’s disease. I’m just sorry it’s too late for you and your husband. Because he was obviously a lucky man and had a good loving caring wife ready to support him by his side. Unfortunately, not all men realize how lucky they are in this respect. Having a supportive partner can make all the difference when dealing with Peyronie’s disease. But the man has to let the partner in and help the partner to support him. I’m sorry your husband did not realize that in time.

I wish you both all the best in the future. I hope your experience encourages other couples to seek help.

Kindest regards,


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