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Peyronie's Injection Treatments

There are number of Peyronie's injection treatments available, the most popular are Verapamil, Corticosteroids and Interferon Alpha injections.

In this section you will find a comprehensive overview of each injection treatment, benefits, possible side effects, and whether they are considered to be successful or not.

What Is The Risk Of Peyronie's Injections?

Injecting medication is more invasive and riskier than taking oral medications but less risky and invasive than undergoing surgery.

All medication affects the function of our bodies so some risk and side effects are always present.

The side effects from the most popular injected Peyronie's treatments are though relatively mild, except in the case of Corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are steroid medication and the list of potential side effects is long, as is usually the case with extensive steroid treatments.

Most drugs can interact with other medications and may involve additional risk if you suffer from certain illnesses. You should never undertake any medical Peyronie's treatment without consulting your doctor first.

It is also important to have the Peyronie's shots administrated by professorial healthcare worker, ideally a doctor. I can of course only speak for myself but if I were having something injected into my penis, I would definitely want the best specialist to do it.

The Pros And Cons
Of Injection Treatments For Peyronie's Disease

The pros and cons of the various injection treatments are more or less the same. The main benefit is that the Peyronie's shots deliver the medication directly to the plaque. Hence, less affect on the rest of the body.

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On the downside, Peyronie's injections are among the more expensive Peyronie's treatment options. The cost can though vary greatly. It depends on how the treatment is conducted (number of shots), the doctor administering it and the country you are undertaking your treatment in.

Important consideration is therefore if your public healthcare, or health insurance provider, covers some or all of the cost involved.

Peyronie's injection treatments are also quite “intimate” and as such can be uncomfortable, even embarrassing experience (though there is nothing embarrassing about Peyronie's or any other illnesses). Some men also find them painful.

Comparing Peyronie's Injection Treatments

The various injected Peyronie's treatments have different strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore important to compare them carefully before deciding on your Peyronie's treatment plan. You should also compare them with other Peyronie's treatment options available to you.

My Injection Treatment Comparison Table will help you to compare the different injection treatments for Peyronie's disease.

The Various Injection Treatments Available

This is a summary list of the main injection treatments for Peyronie's disease available. I'm listing them in alphabetical order, i.e. the order does not represent the expected result from the treatments.

I'm including all the best-known and most used Peyronie's treatments, including those that are now considered of little value for treating Peyronie's disease. This is so you can read about all the treatment options in one place and in similar format. It will help you to make up your mind about which treatment to go for (Peyronie's injections or not).

Click on the links for each treatment option to see the full details and references to scientific studies.


Corticosteroids Peyronie's Treatment has not shown to be very effective treatment option for men with Peyronie's disease. It may be most effective during the initial formation of the Peyronie's plaque and may help with persistent plaque pain.

At the same time, Corticosteroids side effects are considerable and the potentially high cost of Corticosteroids treatment is off-putting for many Peyronie's patients.

Interferon Alpha

Interferon Alpha Peyronie's Treatment has shown some promising results, not least in reducing the plaque size. Interferon injections have also shown some efficacy in reducing penis pain and penile curvature. There are available some scientific studies that support this.

Interferon Alpha side effects are also relatively mild, making this one of the more interesting injected Peyronie's treatment options.


Verapamil Peyronie's Treatment seems to be the most popular Peyronie's injection treatment these days. There are indications that Verapamil injections can help reduce the penile curvature, soften the penis plaque and improve the erectile function. There are some scientific studies that support this.

On the other hand, the intimate nature of the treatment and the potentially high cost may be keeping some men away from trying Verapamil shots.


Xiaflex is currently the only FDA approved Peyronie's treatment (approved 6th December 2013). Xiaflex injections do not cure Peyronie's disease but this means they have been shown to be effective treatment for some Peyronie's patients.

The treatment includes up to eight Xiaflex injections by qualified health professional, followed up with penile modeling.

Compare the Peyronie's injection treatments you like best with the other Peyronie's treatment options available before making your mind up.

The best Peyronie's treatment plan for you may be combining more than one form of Peyronie's treatment. Peyronie's injection treatments are often recommended in conjunction with other treatment options, like oral treatments or medical devices.

Dr. Levine for example recommends Combined Nonsurgical Treatments to his patients, including oral medication, injections, and the use of penis traction device.

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