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Recommended Peyronie's Treatment Plan

These days the recommended Peyronie's treatment plan for non-surgical patients usually includes combining number of treatment options.

One of the best know Peyronie's specialists in the world today, Dr. Laurence A. Levine MD Opens in new window symbol is one of the specialists that recommends combined Peyronie's treatment plan for his patients. He refers to it as his three-arm protocol for Peyronie's patients.

Dr. Levine Three-Arm Protocol For Peyronie's Disease

Dr. Levine recommended Peyronie's treatment plan involves approaching the Peyronie's disease simultaneously from 3 directions.

1. Oral Treatment

The first arm in Dr. Levine three-arm protocol for Peyronie's used to be a combination of oral Pentoxifylline (400 mg three times a day) and L-Arginine Opens in new window symbol (1,000 mg twice a day).

Both drugs are relatively inexpensive and tend to be well tolerated. They may have some beneficial effects on the scar remodeling and help reducing the progression of the scarring.

Dr. Levine still uses those but he also uses L-Citrulline Opens in new window symbol and even L-Carnitine Opens in new window symbol on a regular basis. He has also recommended combination supplement called Stronvivo Opens in new window symbol but it contains all of the amino acids as well as some minerals that may help with stabilization of the disease.

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease, he encourages the use of PDE5 inhibitors (like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) as there may be some anti-scaring benefits s well as improving the erection.

Oral medication for Peyronie's

2. Injection Therapy

The second arm in Dr. Levine three-arm protocol for Peyronie's includes using intralesional injection. He has used Verapamil Injections with good success in the past (50-60% of men have had at least 10 degree measured reduction of curvature).

Verapamil injections have shown to be beneficial for some Peyronie's patients. Verapamil may help stabilize the disease and prevent the progression of the penis deformity.

Dr. Levine has also used Xiaflex since FDA approved it for men with Peyronie's. However, the result he has seen to date has been less than when using Verapamil (average reduction of curvature only 5 degrees).

3. Traction Device

The third arm in Dr. Levine three-arm protocol for Peyronie's includes the use of Penis Traction Device (for minimum 3 hours a day, ideally up to 8 hours).

Penis traction therapy for men with Peyronie's

Traction device provides prolonged even traction force on the penis, which activates the chemical processes that result in scar remodeling, elongation of the penis and can help correct penis deformity.

In his video Dr. Levine says that the best curvature correction he has witnessed was in a man with 70 degrees calcified plaque that in 6 months managed to get the penis straight. I would have found that hard to believe if coming from anyone else than him!

I highly recommend viewing Dr. Levine Video Opens in new window symbol about traction devices (the first video under the section Physician Videos). You may have to register to view the video but it is free to view.

The key for successful traction therapy is the duration of the therapy. Dr. Levine used to use traditional traction devices but has found newer devises that apply vacuum to the glans (like Phallosan) to allow more prolonged wear as his patients find them more comfortable to wear.

Dr. Levine now recommends traction therapy to all his non-surgical patients. He also recommends it to those who plan to undergo surgery, i.e. to use traction device before surgery if possible, but certainly after the surgery to encourage straight healing and prevent post-operative shortening.

The Result Of Combined Peyronie's Treatment Plan

According to Dr. Levine, the result of using combined treatment plan to treat non-surgical Peyronie's patients is very good.

He estimates that around 60% can avoid or choose not to have surgery after following his three-arm protocol for Peyronie's, i.e. the results received are satisfying for them and allow them to stay sexually active.

I strongly recommend reading my interview with Dr. Levine where Dr. Levine shares more details about his three-arm protocol for Peyrone's and the results he has had with this approach.

My Personal Opinion

I used Andropenis Traction Device to successfully treat my Peyronie's disease.

Based on my personal experience and extensive research into non-surgical Peyronie's treatment options, I would follow Dr. Levine recommended Peyronie's treatment plan if I was starting my Peyronie's treatment today.