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UsingTraction Device With Erect Penis

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Peyronie's Question

What I find very difficult to understand is how a device can possibly put reverse pressure on the area of plaque, when the penis is completely flaccid.

In a non-erection situation, my penis will bend in any direction with no feeling of tension or pressure at all on the area concerned. Only when it is erect, do I feel the tension against the degree of curvature. So I fully concur that using the device when the penis is erect, I can see possible results.

But to wear this device 'for 6 or 7 hours', when I assume the penis was completely flaccid for this time period, I don't see any way that the device will apply pressure against the curvature. I have been stretching mine, but only in an erect state.

My Peyronie's Answer

First, under NO circumstances use the device when you have erection. This can have serious consequences and aggravate your Peyronie's condition. Please stop this practice immediately.

I will attempt to explain how traction works but I also encourage you to read carefully the instructions that came with your traction device.

This article explains how traction devices works but they use gentle but consistent traction to stretch the penis tissues. This triggers the body's natural response of growing more tissue to ease the tension, i.e. when you stretch soft tissue it responds by growing new soft tissue.

It is not about force, it is about applying consistent pressure. I often mention the long neck Kayan women in Burma. They are a good example of how traction works.

You should start slowly and gradually increase both the tension and the time you wear the device. You should never wear it for more than 2 hours per session, but for best results it is recommended to wear the device for minimum 6 to 8 hours per day.

You say you don't feel any tension when wearing the device in flaccid state. If so then you should be able to add a rod. However, you should only feel mild tension, and never painful tension. This article offers some practical advice about how to wear traction device based on my personal experience.

I hope I have answered your question satisfyingly. If not, please do your own research and contact the manufacturer of your device directly for their explanation. But under all circumstances, please STOP using the traction device when having erection.

I wish you all the best with your treatment.

Kind regards,


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