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How Likely Is Peyronie’s Recurrence?

Peyronie's Question

Subject: Post Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Recommendations

After 18 months of stable PD my urologist specializing in PD measured my curvature at around 40° (right curvature with small indentation​.

Firm and flaccid cucumber

I began verapamil injections with 4 hours per day of aggressive forceful traction (I did traction for a total of 90 days). We added oral Pentox (1000mg 2xs /day and Acetyl l caritine 1000mg 2xs/day after the 5th injection.

I developed a significant hematoma with pain (MRI confirmed) that finally absorbed and the pain ceased after 60 days of no further injections or traction.

Given that I had reduced my curvature to 5-10° and only continue the oral Pentox and supplements (ALC), I decided that I not did not to finish my second series of verapamil​ injections after 7 total. Risks vs rewards of only a few degrees did not seem worth it and my doctor agreed.

I have no ED issues and my PD has been stable now for nearly 3 months. I remain on Pentox and ALC- prescribed for 2 more months.

My questions resolve around maintenance recommendations or anything I can do to avoid a recurrence of PD???  What are the percentages of patients who successfully battled Peyronie’s only to have it return?

My Peyronie's Answer

First, congratulations on your success, really great and I fully agree with you and your doctor about the Risks vs Rewards ratio. Anyway, most health professional consider curvature up to 10% as straight penis. I’m very happy for you.

The question you raise is an excellent one. Have you asked your doctor about this? If so, what did he say?

I have not been able to find any reliable statistic about recurrence rate of Peyronie’s. What I heard (without scientific backing) as well as my common sense make me believe that men that have gotten Peyronie’s disease may be at somewhat higher risk of getting Peyronie’s again than man that has never had it. How much more likely I though don’t know.

Why do I suspect it? First, men that get Peyronie’s tend to be older and older men tend to have more underlying health problems than younger men. If the Peyronie’s risk factors are still existing it may make them more likely of Peyronie’s Recurrence. For example, if men suffer from any health condition that affects the quality of their erection and that problem is not solved as well, then they may be at more risk of penis buckling which can lead to Peyronie’s again.

Please bear in mind that these are only my thoughts. If someone has access to more information (with scientific backing) please let us know.

I don’t think men that have successfully battled Peyronie’s need to be overly concerned though but in my mind, it still makes perfect sense to take good care of your penis and avoid sexual activities that might put any awkward pressure or strain on it.

Again, I congratulate on your success and wish you all the best in the future.

Best regards,

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