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About The Man Behind My Peyronie's

My name is Birgir and I got Peyronie's Disease.

This website tells My Peyronie's Story as well as offers extensive information and practical advice about the Peyronie's disease and the treatment options available.

My Peyronies founder

I noticed my first symptoms in 2007 when I was 42 years old. I'm pleased to say that my story has a happy ending as I found a treatment that worked for me.

I'm not cured, as there is no cure for the Peyronie's disease. However, my condition improved significantly and it does not rule my life anymore.

I'm happily married and proud owner of two beautiful dogs that keep me active, rain or shine. I enjoy travelling, animals, photography, current affairs, fine dining and good company.

Actually, this should be About Us as my wife actively participates and supports me in the making of this website.

MyPeyronies.com is in “layman's language” as I'm not a medical doctor, nor do I have medical background.

I explain everything in as plain language as I possibly can without distorting the facts. It means I may not always use the same words or phrases as the professionals might.

I give direct links to other trusted Peyronie's resources that I have found helpful and informative in my dealings with the disease. There you can read for yourself how the professionals explain things.

I'm also sharing my opinions, based on my own experience of the disease and my extensive research into the subject. I'm not an expert in the Peyronie's disease, but I am the expert in my Peyronie's.

If you find any mistakes, or anything you think might be misleading, please Contact Me with your comments. I want this website to be as accurate and informative as possible.

Also, feel free to contact me (or my wife) if any questions or concerns you feel we might be able to assist you with.

Hello, I'm Birgir

This website is based on my experience of Peyronie's disease