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Help - Traction Or Penis Pump?

Peyronie's Question

I have recently (3 months ago) been diagnosed with Peyronie's. I have been to a urologist who has advised a "Wait and see" approach - I am not satisfied with this.

Drawing of traction device

My peyronies' looks like a "kink" at the head of the penis and I am still able to have full intercourse. I have been to my doctor and asked him to prescribe pentox (400mg x 3 daily), which he did and I have also started on L- Arginine (1000mg x 2 daily).

My question concerns the use of either a traction device or a penis pump. I have read so many reviews and opinions on using one or the other and I am now totally confused. Of those who recommend a penis pump, some recommend the single chamber device while others recommend the 3 chamber (different sizes) device.

As I am still able to have intercourse, is it advisable not to use any device at this point or is it advisable to start to use one and if so, which type. I would really appreciate help with this.

Thank you.


My Peyronie's Answer

I'm sorry to hear you have Peyronie's disease but it is good to see that you are taking action, seeing doctor, looking for information and advice, and already started treatment. Well done!

The "wait and see" used to be the approach most doctors took until recently. However, today most Peyronie's specialist encourage men to start some form of non-surgical treatment as soon as possible and while still in the acute phase like you are.

Dr. Levine is one of the best know Peyronie's specialists in the world today and he recommends very similar combined treatment as you are considering.

Regarding traction or vacuum pump. Traction device is better device for correcting penile curvature as it offers traction for longer period (up to 8 hours per day) compared to vacuum pump (10 minutes twice a day). Vacuum pump is however better for men that want to improve their erection quality.

This article (my answer) contains links to the most important articles about Peyronie's traction therapy on my website.

It however sounds like your curvature is in a difficult place, i.e. close to the penis head. So even though traction is normally better for correcting penile curvature, in your case pump might be more suitable. I recommend you try to find another urologist, someone with experience of Peyronie's disease and discuss your options with him.

Regarding On-line advice. There is lot of good stuff out there but unfortunately also lot of bad stuff. So just be careful, read everything you find with an open mind but also with your common sense and skeptical glasses firmly on. Do your own research for all claims made and ideally consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment.

I hope this is some help but feel free to contact me anytime if you think I can be of any assistance. I wish you good luck with your treatment.

Best regards,

Ps. I would like to publish this under my Q&A section if you don't mind (anonymously of course). Because may help men to realize A. not all curvatures may be suitable for traction therapy, B. emphasize the importance of seeking help early like you did and that men do not have to accept everything the doctor says and C. emphasize the often confusing / conflicting advice found on-line and the importance of being curious but careful on-line!

Follow Up Question

My doctor is very supportive but admits that his knowledge is limited. He told me that the vacuum pump might help as it would increase the flow of blood to the head of the penis. I can still get an erection and can still penetrate but I do have a "kink" just under the head and I feel that the head of my penis is not as hard as it used to be.

Some sites advise the use of a vacuum pump that has 3 different "sleeve" sizes but comes at a cost of approx US$650 while others suggest a single "sleeve" like the ones quoted on your website eg Phallosan Forte (Dual effect) or Androvacuum. Have you any thoughts on these or any idea which one might suit me best? If I tried the single "sleeve" vacuum pump and I found that it wasn't helping over the next few months, I suppose I could then switch to a 3 "sleeve" vacuum pump or a traction device, or would the delay in using the traction device hinder any possible benefit?

Feel free to publish this under your Q & A section. If I can help, I will.

Thank you Birgir

Follow Up Answer

Great your doctor is supportive and willing to improve his knowledge of the disease. That's really good.

Androvacuum comes with two cushioning rings to cater for different penis sizes, i.e. therefore no need for different sized cylenders (sleeves). See photo in this article explaining the different components of the pump.

So if you are going for vacuum pump then Androvacuum should do the job as well in opinion (the vacuum function is the same and both devices cater for different sizes).

However, Phallosan might be another interesting option in your case. Phallosan combines the traction and vacuum technology. Traditional traction devices apply the traction force below the penis head. While Phallosan applies suction force using the suction bell over the head, i.e. pulls the penis by the head.

Basically the suction bell pulls the penis from the head, while traction device pulls below the head. Hope this makes sense, not the easiest thing to explain in writing!

If I were you, I would discuss those two options with your doctor.

Take care,


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