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What Does Work for Hourglass Penis Indentations

Peyronie's Question

I have plaques near the base of my penis on both sides. So, my penis is thick at the base (you can feel the two plaques), then narrows, then the girth increases slightly. My penis has always had a natural curve downward but it's never been a problem. But now I sometimes can't keep an erection (such as it is).

I read about someone's experience with the Xiaflex trials and he pointed out that Xiaflex wasn't recommended for Hour Glass shaped penises like mine. (I think my doctor is eager to use Xiaflex, but I'm holding off having seen some of the boo boos that happened with some guys.

I've looked up SR-Cream and U-Heal by R&D Naturals and I wonder if you have an opinion about the effectiveness of the U-Heal device and the SR-Cream. I don't think any of the stretching devices would be helpful for me since I don't have a pronounced curve in my penis left or right.


My Peyronie's Answer

Dear RB

Regarding your question about using Xiaflex for hourglass penis curvature then you really need a doctor's advice on that one. If your current doctor is "eager to use Xiaflex" than you may want to seek a second opinion (personally I don't like it when someone fixates on one option only).

You can find quite a few reputable articles on the subject by searching for… xiaflex for hourglass penis curvature. However, as the saying goes… see photo :-)

Doctor Google mug

But in the original xiaflex studies Opens in new window symbol "Patients were excluded if they had a ventral curvature deformity, an isolated hourglass deformity, or a calcified plaque that could have interfered with the injection technique".

Your doctor would need to confirm if that applies to you or not. You could also discuss with him the use of Verapamil injections in your case.

"Verapamil seems to have a superior outcome for deformities that are not purely curvature in nature. These include waists, hourglass, and areas of instability or hinging" (NCBI Opens in new window symbol).

I agree that traction device may not be suitable in your case, i.e. because of your hourglass curvature. But I'm not familiar with SR-Cream and U-Heal by R&D Naturals so cannot comment on it.

I just recommend the normal open mind with skeptical hat firmly on approach when researching any potential new treatment options that lack scientific backing.

I hope this is some help and I wish you all the best with your treatment.

Best regards,

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