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Peyronie's And Type 1 Diabetic

Peyronie's Question

I have type 1 diabetes diagnosed 3-4 years ago at age of 39

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I have also been suffering and trying to manage erectile dysfunction by using Viagra.

I have now noticed a bending in the shaft of my penis when erect and a tight band around the girth of my penis.

I have asked for a referral from my GP to speak to someone regarding this and I am quite worried and concerned and not sure what sort of questions I should be asking once I get my referral appointment?

Also worried about how this will affect me long term and unsure about treatments or further preventative measures?

Any advice or further information you could offer would be gratefully received.



My Peyronie's Answer

I'm very sorry to hear about your condition but it is good that you have already arranged for a referral to a specialist. I hope it is someone with experience of treating men with Peyronie's disease, not all Urologists have enough experience. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor about his experience and if not satisfying ask to see someone else.

This article should help you to prepare for your doctor's appointment. It also contains link to APDA (Association of Peyronie's Advocates) Doctor Discussion Guide that you may find helpful to print out and bring with you.

While this AUA guideline Opens in new window symbol provides a clinical framework for the diagnosis and treatment of Peyronie's disease (PD), i.e. explains what you should be able to expect from your Peyronie's specialist.

I know how difficult it is to first find out about Peyronie's disease but you are on the right track, i.e. finding out all you can about the disease and seeking professional help.

There is no cure for Peyronie's but there are number of treatment options and the sooner you start treatment the better results you can expect. This article contains overview of the most common Peyronie's treatment options today. Hopefully it can help you to identify which treatment options may be relevant for your condition and that you would like to discuss in more detail with your doctor.

Other articles that I feel may be relevant for you at this stage are:

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I hope this is some help and wish you all the best with your appointment. Hopefully you will keep us posted about your progress.

Best regards,


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