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Peyronie's Question

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Hi Birgir,

I hope you are well. I have a few more questions about traction therapy. If I stretch for 3 hours a day for a year instead of stretching for 8-10 hours a day for six months, would the same results be achieved?

What if I stretched for three hours a day for six months and then stretched for 8-10 hours for another six months? Is there a limit to how long you can stretch?

Thanks in advance,


My Peyronie's Answer

Dear P

I'm not comfortable giving treatment advice like this as not medically qualified. However, I did ask my contact at Andropeyronie for input and this is what their specialists say:

" They have said that, if the customer can only wear the device for 3 hours a day and uses the device for a longer period, the results themselves will not be as significant as if the unit is worn for 8-10 hours a day for six months.

Whilst there is no limit to how much you can stretch, the gains will decrease in scale after a longer period if that makes sense?

They also informed me that if the patient requires a further clarification, it might be better to give them a call, as they can explain it to him, in greater depth and will be able to answer any follow up questions he might have.

UK - 0808-189-0326

USA - 1-800-246-1387

If you customer is based in another country than the ones above, please let me know where he is based and I will see if we have a free phone number for that country."

So according to this, the more you stretch per day is better than stretching for few hours for longer period. However, you can use the stretcher for as long as you like.

This article contains some Practical Tips For Using Andropeyronie. The are valid for other traction devices as well.

Hope this clarifies things but you may also want to discuss this with your doctor.

Best regards,

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