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Penis Curvature And Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronie's Question

Hello! Very good your site and nice for you to share your story and help those in need. I'm from southern Brazil. I'll tell you what's happening to me, began as bend in my penis more than 2 years ago, but did not feel pain.

Traction therapy for men with Peyronie's

Went to Urologist he spoke to me about Peyronies. And I got to take colchicine but had no result, so stopped taking it. And today searching the internet I found this "device peyronies" and I want to use it. Is it necessary to use medication in my case?

I'm also with erectile dysfunction because this curvature, the part of the bend, and head he is more flaccid.

Been taking viagra to be pretty tough, but difficult to penetrate due to sagging after the bend. Giving it up to double when standing upright, in the case when not take viagra. I'm talking about my problem to you, and what do you think? I do not speak English, hope you understand what I wrote here, thank you.

My Peyronie's Answer

The way as I see it, you have two problems that you need to focus on (you can do it simultaneously), the erectile dysfunction (ED) and the bent penis.

Erectile dysfunction is important to address immediately as having sex with penis that is not hard enough is likely to make the Peyronie's disease worse (increased risk of the penis buckling and further scarring).

Personally I’m not keen on medication to treat erectile dysfunction unless it is absolutely necessary. There are concerns that taking Viagra May Aggravate Peyronie's Condition, so be careful.

Personally, I would prefer to use Penis Vacuum Pumps if I was suffering from erectile dysfunction as well. They are very good to ensure good erection and the erection is maintained by using a cock ring that is placed at the base of your penis.

But first I would see a doctor again and ask him to check few things that might be the cause or be part of the erection problem. Common causes are high blood pressure and low testosterone level, and in some cases diabetes.

I just read a scientific study yesterday that indicates that low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction (ED), age (especially in younger men), high body mass index (BMI), and smoking, all impact how big the plaque will become (so if you smoke, now you have the perfect motivation to stop).

In my opinion, it is crucial to address the ED as soon as possible and not attempt sexual penetration if the penis is not hard enough. Talk to your partner about this and don’t be ashamed. She will understand this and the more she is involved, the more help she can offer you.

Secondly, it is the penis curvature. I personally know that traction device can help with that. There are couple of devices that allow you to control the direction of the traction which I consider are better for men with penis curvature.

My reviews go thoroughly through each penis traction device that I recommend.

The Peyronies Device Review

Andropeyronie Review

The Peyronies Device offers also Peyronies Treatment Plan. It comes with supplements and massage techniques as well as the basic device.

Are those necessary? I cannot answer that as such. However, the bottom line is that these are combination of the most popular supplements currently used by Peyronie's patients. And some of them have shown to be beneficial, like Carnitine and L-Arginine, and I also know men that strongly believe in CoQ10.

You should fight the Peyronie's from as many corners as possible. Most Peyronie’s doctors recommend combined treatment plans that involve some medication as well as traction.

It is important that you are addressing this now. You are young and you don't want your condition to get worse. You can make your condition better (you don't say how much curvature you got). The APDA website lists one Doctor In Brazil Opens in new window symbol as specialist in Peyronie's. I don't know if it is an option for you to go and see him. Maybe he can recommend someone closer to you if you contact them?

I hope this is some help but feel free to contact me anytime if you think I can be of any further assistance. I would also appreciate if you keep me posted on your progress. The main thing is to start Peyronie’s treatment now and also get the erectile dysfunction sorted out.

Best regards,

Ps. and if any questions or anything unclear let me know and I will try to rephrase it (I don’t speak Portuguese, but I hope Google translator does a decent job in translating my English).

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This website is based on my experience of Peyronie's disease