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Sex And Peyronie's Disease

Sex and Peyronie's, that's what this is all about, right? Peyronie's disease would not be much of a problem if we were not sexually beings.

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Common concern among men with Peyronie's disease is whether they can continue to enjoy active sex life. Another common concern is whether sexual activity can make their condition worse.

In this article, I will be addressing these two concerns as best I can.

I'm not a sex therapist, but I want to share my experience and research findings with you. Very few websites provide advice on this subject and I hope my contribution is of value to you and your partner.

However, if your situation is severe or you are still concerned about sex and Peyronie's after reading this section, I recommend you seek professional help.

Can You Enjoy Sex With Peyronie's Disease?

In most cases, men with Peyronie's can enjoy sex. If you can get hard and ejaculate, you can enjoy sex.

Actually, some men can get orgasm without ejaculating and there are aids available to help with penis hardness. Meaning most men can enjoy some form of sexual relationship despite having Peyronie's.

Your sex life may be somewhat different from before you got Peyronie's disease. You may have to adjust your sex life to your changed condition.

Some men have no, or minor, problems with sex and Peyronie's. Others have some problems but can easily find ways around them, e.g. by changing their sexual positions. And there are some who experience more serious problems with sex and Peyronie's and may become unable to perform sexually, either temporarily or permanently.

How much Peyronie's affects your sex life depends on few things. Firstly of how severely deformed your penis is. The more deformed your penis is, the more affect it will have on your sex life. This is why starting Treatment as soon as possible is so important, to try to stop the Peyronie's progressing further.

Your age and general health may also affect your sex life. If you are experiencing problems in bed, they might not be because of your Peyronie's. There may be other reasons for them, like diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate problems, nerve damage, etc.

In 85% of cases, Erectile Dysfunction or chronic impotence has physical causes. The remaining 15% have psychological causes.

Addressing the underlying physical causes can sometimes be all that is needed for getting your sex life back on track.

Impotence generally does not respond well to neglect so if you are having erectile problems, you should seek assistance sooner rather than later.

Does Peyronie's Disease Affect Fertility?

There is no reason why Peyronie's should affect your fertility as such. Peyronie's does not affect the sperm function and therefore not your fertility.

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As long as you can conclude sexual intercourse successfully with ejaculation, you can father a child (i.e. as long as your sperm is healthy)

If you cannot successfully have intercourse, you may still be able to father a child with technical assistance (again, as long as your sperm is healthy).

All other things being equal... that is, if you are able to have sexual intercourse and are trying to have a baby without succeeding, then you should both have physical examination after 12 months of trying. But it has nothing to do with your Peyronie's.

Can Sex Make Your Peyronie's Disease Worse?

In my research, I have not found anything indicating that continuing having sexual intercourse can make your Peyronie's worse. However, common sense says that if you already have Peyronie's disease you might be somewhat more vulnerable to penis injury.

Further injury to your already injured penis is likely to make your situation worse. It therefore makes perfect sense to take good care of your penis and avoid sexual activities that might put any awkward pressure or strain on it.

You should be extra careful if your penis is fairly curved or if your erection isn't very firm, as it can cause the penis to buckle or fall out during sexual intercourse.

Choosing the right position based on your condition is important. The best positions give you more control of the depth, force and angle of thrusting.

Men that do not have very firm erections should monitor their Erectile Health and might even want to wear a penis support over the penis shaft for additional support during intercourse.

The most important thing is tough to keep things in perspective. Sex as such will not make your Peyronie's disease worse, but abstaining from it can harm your relationship. Just show common sense, avoid putting your penis at risk, and continue to enjoy your sex life.

My conclusion is: Sex and Peyronie's can go well together...

Hello, I'm Birgir

This website is based on my experience of Peyronie's disease