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Is There A Correlation Between Hernia and Peyronie's?

Peyronie's Question

Hi, thank you for providing this website. Its been the most useful resource for me to date.

Drawing of hernia

I have double inguinal hernias that have yet to be repaired. Before I discovered and had this confirmed, I became premature, then impotent. Later deformities of every mentioned variety have occurred. Three doctors have assured me there is no correlation of ED and hernia. The blogosphere is in absolute disagreement. I have hopes to return to normal, but I have developed Peyronie's, I have no doubts.

Have others asked about hernia as it relates to ED?

I am in the pain stage with the Peyronie's. I am only able to treat it naturally so far.

Thank you for your help.

My Peyronie's Answer

Dear S

Regarding Peyronie's and Hernia. No one has mentioned to me before but like you, I have come across some discussions about it on-line. And like you say, the doctors tend to say no, but number of men still believe they developed their Peyronie's after Hernia surgery. You may have already seen this but I found this interesting Discussion Opens in new window symbol about the topic.

Especially what the PeyroniesMan says (October 23, 2013 at 10:24 am). He asked Dr. Mulhall (well known Peyronie's specialist) and...

"I spoke with Dr Mulhall about this particular study and his comments were that there is such a bundle of nerves coming together within this region that it is thought that some kind of trigger happens to start the process of PD within those nerves. Note that he was not conclusive in this statement, he was only suggesting".

If you want, you can ask Dr. Paulis about this but Dr. Paulis has kindly offered to ask My Peyronie's questions like this. You would have to fill in this form and I will forward it to him. He usually answers within few days.

You say you have no doubts that you have Peyronie's. I take this as you have not seen a doctor about it? You also say you have only been able to treat it naturally so far. What does that include? Are you using supplements, or are you using penis pumps, or?

You say you are in the pain stage, which means you would be still in the acute phase. Which is the best phase to start treatment, especially if you have penile curvature.

I strongly recommend you see a specialist in Peyronie's a.s.a.p. (not all Urologists are familiar with the disease, look for someone that has treated Peyronie's patients) and go through your options with him. There is no cure, but there are options, and the sooner men start treatment, the more options they have.

This article gives you an overview of the Most Common Treatment options (and you can find more detail about each option on my website).

I cannot recommend any special doctor but APDA (Association of Peyronie's Advocates) offers Physician Finder Opens in new window symbol that you may find helpful.

I hope this is some help but feel free to contact me anytime if you think I can be of any further assistance. I would also appreciate if you keep me posted about your progress.

Best regards,


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