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Vitamin E Treatment For Peyronie's Disease

Recommending Vitamin E treatment for Peyronie's disease used to be common few years ago, almost the standard. The effectiveness of Vitamin E is for Peyronie's disease has however been seriously questioned in recent years.

Many urologists feel there are no conclusive evidence that Vitamin E works on Peyronie's disease and there are no clinical studies available that decisively confirm its' effectiveness.

This is why many Peyronie's specialists, including APDA (Association of Peyronie's Disease Advocates), do not recommend Vitamin E anymore as Peyronie's disease treatment.

Not everyone agree. Recent study (2012) has challenged this view, concluding that Vitamin E can help prevent the progression of the disease.

Some urologists still recommend Vitamin E but usually in conjunction with some other form of Peyronie's treatment.

Many Peyronie's disease sufferers take Vitamin E as part of their Peyronie's therapy. They see it is a low cost option and feel it "cannot hurt" their chances of improving their condition. That is fine as long as you keep the daily dosage within the safe limits and don't expect too much from your Peyronie's disease Vitamin E treatment.

How Does Vitamin E Treatment Work
For Treating Peyronie's Disease?

Vitamin E is found naturally in some food but it is also available as dietary supplement. It is maybe best known for its antioxidant properties, it helps protecting cells from potential damage caused by free radicals, like pollution, in the environment.

Vitamin E may also help with scar prevention and that is why it has been recommended for Peyronie's patients. Vitamin E may be able to hinder scar tissue building up and to reduce inflammation.

Vitamin E is taken as tablet once a day. Most reputable Peyronie's specialists now recommend not exceeding 400 IU daily dosage.

What Are The Vitamin E Benefits?

There are some notable Vitamin E benefits. Firstly, it is available over-the-counter (OTC), meaning you do not need to see your doctor for prescription.

It is low cost as such, though bear in mind that the cost of taking supplements over long period of time does add up relatively quickly.

Vitamin E therapy is convenient, just swallowing one tablet on daily basis. Vitamin E side effects are also minimal.

What Are The Vitamin E Side Effects?

Reported Vitamin E side effects are minimal but possible side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and blurred vision. These are common possible side effects of most drugs and supplements and are considered negligible.

More importantly, like with most drugs and supplements, there is some risk involved. Especially if taking too much quantity.

Is There Any Risk Involved
In Vitamin E Treatment For Peyronie's Disease?

In recent years there have been some concerns raised about the safety of Vitamin E supplements in high doses. As often, the findings are somewhat conflicting but caution is warrant.

Carlson vitamin E

The risk involved includes increased risk of bleeding, especially for those taking blood-thinning medication. There is also some evidence that suggest that regular high dose of Vitamin E may slightly increase the risk of death from all causes.

Many countries have therefore issued recommended safe daily limit for Vitamin E. In the UK, the safety limit is 800 IU per day, while it is as high as 1,500 IU in the US.

Vitamin E is generally considered safe supplement as long as you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

The Results Of Vitamin E Treatment For Peyronie's Disease

I cannot say I have found conclusive evidence that Vitamin E works on Peyronie's disease.

Vitamin E has not consistently or conclusively been shown to reduce penis pain, penis curvature or plaque size. Nor is there solid evidence that Vitamin E can prevent the progression of the Peyronie's disease.

It still does not mean that Vitamin E may not benefit some men with Peyronie's disease and there are some indications it may, including recent study from 2012. In addition, many Peyronie's patients and specialist say they have experienced results with Vitamin E treatment for Peyronie's disease.

Scientific Support
For Vitamin E Treatment For Peyronie's Disease

Most of the scientific studies I have found on Vitamin E effectiveness have either been inconclusive or have not supported strong effectiveness. Like this summary in International Journal Of Impotence Research that concludes:

Though the body of evidence does not support a strong efficacy for Vitamin E, the low toxicity and expense of the supplement encourages its use either alone or in combination with other oral, intra-lesional or surgical modalities.(International Journal Of Impotence Research Opens in new window symbol)

I have though found one recent controlled study of 70 cases that concluded positively:

"We can affirm that vitamin E can help to prevent the progression of PD. This study strongly supports the recommendation that the best approach for treating PD is multimodal therapy" (NCBI Opens in new window symbol)

The title of this study is "Efficacy of vitamin E in the conservative treatment of Peyronie's disease: legend or reality?"

It looks like the jury is still out on Vitamin E treatment for Peyronie's disease.

My Personal Experience And Opinion Of Vitamin E Treatment

My urologist did recommend Vitamin E treatment for my Peyronie's. I did take it in conjunction with using Penis Traction Device.

I cannot say for sure whether Vitamin E contributed in my recovery or not. It may have helped stopping the progression of the disease. I though sincerely believe that in my case using traction device was fundamental for my recovery.

I fully understand those that want to take Vitamin E on "what harm can it do" basis and I think I would too, just in case.

Nevertheless, consider taking it in conjunction with other Peyronie's treatments and make sure you do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Where Can I Buy Vitamin E?

You can buy Vitamin E from Amazon or your local pharmacy. I recommend you buy 800iu tablets, the recommended daily dosage in the UK.


Have you used Vitamin E in your fight against the Peyronie's disease?

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