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Your Peyronie's Stories

My Peyronie's invites readers to share their Peyronie's stories with its' readers. Any man that has Peyronie's disease can share his story, as well as partners and other people supporting men with the disease.

Share your Peyronie's experience
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Sharing Peyronie's experience is helpful on so many levels. Firstly, it can benefit the person sharing the story. As they say, it is "good to talk".

Sharing your Peyronie's story can help you to structure your thoughts and feelings and help you to come to terms with your condition.

It also feels good to give back. If you feel that you have benefited from reading about other men Peyronie's experience then you might want to share your story in order to help others in similar situation.

Reading about Peyronie's experience is also beneficial in so many ways. It can help the reader to realize he is not alone with this terrible disease and stop him feeling isolated, encourage him to reach out.

It can help the reader to put his condition into perspective. It can help him to decide what he wants to do, or what he does not want to do. It can give him hope, support and much needed motivation while undergoing his Peyronie's treatment.

I am very grateful to those that have shared their Peyronie's stories with us. I know they are making a difference by sharing their experience.

Your Peyronie's Stories

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You can also read My Peyronie's Story. Do not hesitate to comment on the stories and / or ask questions. I, and hopefully the storytellers as well, will try to answer them according to our best knowledge.

I hope you consider Sharing Your Peyronie's Experience with us.

It does not matter what your Peyronie's experience is, i.e. if you have just found out you got the disease or are undergoing, or even finished, your treatment. There is someone out there in similar position and reading your Peyronie's story could make all the difference for him and his loved ones.

Thank you all for your support and best of luck.


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This website is based on my experience of Peyronie's disease