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Coping With Peyronie's

We all have our own way of dealing with the challenges we face in live, including coping with Peyronie's disease.

We have already looked at how to deal with the emotional side of Peyronie's, like communication and researching. These are valuable Peyronie's coping strategies but there is more to it.

Let's look at the most common ways of dealing with Peyronie's in more detail.

Take Control - Research Peyronie's

Most men like to feel in control but the majority of men with Peyronie's feel they lack control over the disease. Being able to assert control plays an important role in coping with Peyronie's for most men.

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Information is power so researching everything you can about the disease can help you feel more in control. The more you know about the Peyronie's disease the more informed decisions you can take.

Knowledge reduces the uncertainty and highlights the options you have. Knowing your options, knowing what you can do about things gives you more control and hence helps you coping with Peyronie's.

Take Action – Undergo Treatment

There are number of Peyronie's Treatments available and your research will help you to make an informed decision about which treatment to go for.

Undergoing treatment is taking action and that is the preferred way for men when dealing with things.

Taking action will help you to feel more in control, you are doing something, not just hiding away from your feelings.

The Importance Of Communication

I have already touched upon the importance of communication in dealing with Peyronie's. The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized.

Communication is a vital Peyronie's coping strategy; it is one of the best ways to keep depression and isolation at bay.

Talking and communicating with your partner, friend, professional or fellow Peyronie's sufferer is vital for your psychological wellbeing.

Talking and communicating with your partner is also vital for your relationship. Communication can make or break your relationship.

Not everyone is comfortable with talking about personal / embarrassing illnesses like Peyronie's. Some are not comfortable with talking about any feelings or emotions.

If you are one of those, talking may be a challenge to you. The benefits of good communication are however so great, it is worth forcing yourself to talk. Therefore, my advice is...

If you don't like talking... still talk, just talk a little bit less

You may also look for other ways to communicate your feelings. Staying intimate is one way of communicating.

Stay Intimate

Staying intimate is not only about sex, it is also about communicating and therefore important part of coping with Peyronie's.

Sex is only one-way of being intimate. Non-sexual intimacy is also important. Some might say as important, or even more.

If you have a partner, staying intimate is the glue that will keep your relationship together through difficult times.

So use every opportunity to be affectionate with each other. If you are not used to show affection openly, this may be a challenge at first, but staying intimate will definitely make your relationship stronger (Peyronie's or not).

Stay Sexually Active

Staying intimate is not a substitute for sex, it is an addition to sex. Your Sex Life is likely to be affected by the Peyronie's disease but most couples can find ways of having some form of sexual relationship.

You may have to adjust your sexual position or use some form of aid (e.g. medical) but resuming your sex life is important part of coping with Peyronie's.

Healthy Lifestyle

Some Alternative Peyronie's Treatments include changing your lifestyle. It can include changing what you eat and drink, the amount and form of exercise you do, the supplements you take, and so forth.

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There is no scientific support available confirming that changing your lifestyle will affect your Peyronie's disease, at least not directly.

Healthy lifestyle, i.e. healthy diet and exercise, will however help to keep up your strength and spirit. You'll feel better and be fitter, both vital when dealing with any illness and difficulties in your life.

The better you feel, the less likely you are to become depressed. That in return will make you better equipped to cope with Peyronie's.

Keep Things In Perspective

Finally yet importantly, when dealing with Peyronie's disease it is important to keep things in perspective. As the saying goes, what doesn't break you only makes you stronger.

Getting Peyronie's disease is “no walk in the park” but it could be worse. You could be dead or dying but you are not going to die from Peyronie's disease.

Popular saying says something like “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”.

This can easily be the case when dealing with Peyronie's disease. Pain is what the disease does to you, suffering is what you do to yourself.

Peyronie's coping strategies are about helping you to deal with the pain caused by the disease, both physical and emotional pain.

Coping with Peyronie's is about overcoming your suffering.

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