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Are there any gay peyronie's support groups out there?

Peyronie's Question

I am a 60 year old gay man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 when i was 55, I could not find any support groups for gay men with prostate cancer so I started one, about 6 months ago I found a knot on the base of my penis and went to the Doc and he diagnosed me with Peyronies.

I have joined 1-2 Peyronies support groups on facebook but can’t find anything about a gay group.....please don’t tell me I have to start a gay men with Peyronies group...I sure could use your help finding one....

gay couple

My Peyronie's Answer

I applaud your initiative of starting a support group for gay men with prostate cancer.

I’m sorry to say that I’m not aware of any online support group aimed specifically towards gay men with Peyronie’s. However, I know for sure that there would be a demand for it if you would start one.

I will publish your question also on My Peyronie's social media and if anyone knows more than we do, I hope they will let us know.

I wish you all the best with your health and support group(s). If you do decide to establish support group for men with Peyronie's disease, please let me know and I will add it to my Peyronie's forum artilcle and also publish it on My Peyronie's social media.

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