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Advice For Peyronie's Partners

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In this section, I want to focus on the role of the Peyronie's partners, i.e. wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and husbands of men with Peyronie's disease. Your role as a partner is important in the treatment of the Peyronie's disease. Here you will find advice on how you can help.

When writing this section, I asked for editorial input from my wife and she gladly accepted that role. After all, she is a partner of a Peyronie's sufferer.

What Can You Do As A Partner?

When your man gets Peyronie's disease, your life will change. Not only will your sex life be affected, but to some extent, part of your life as a couple will be affected.

You are most likely to be concerned about your partner. Wondering how he feels and how you can support him through his emotions.

Emotionally you may be experiencing many of the same feelings as he does. You may be angry that this happened to you, be afraid of what the future holds, feel helpless as you don't know the best way to help him.

In many cases, partners feel unable to discuss their feelings. Due to the intimate and private nature of Peyronie's disease, most people feel uncomfortable discussing them even with their closest friends and family members. Additionally you may be trying to hide your feelings from your partner, to spare him his feeling.

In order to support your partner effectively, you must address his feelings and needs, but you must also address your feelings and needs.

Relationship specialists agree that Supportive Partners play imperative role in the treatment for the Peyronie's disease.

Most partners though feel helpless and powerless when they first learn about the disease. They don't know what to do, what to say and how to support their partner. This is especially the case if the Peyronie's sufferer has difficulties expressing his feelings, or accepting that he has the disease.

There are number of things you can do for both your partner and yourself. Communication and knowledge is the key to all of them. The more you know about the Peyronie's disease and the better you communicate, the better chance you have of Getting Through Peyronie's as a stronger couple.

So what can partners of Peyronie's sufferers do? What can you do?

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