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Concerned About My Partners Curvature Of The Penis

Peyronie's Question

My partner is experiencing curvature of the penis.

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It is not painful nor can I feel any thickening of the tissue. It curves to his left when he has an erection. So far we haven't had any issues with it as far as pain for either of us.

He can still perform and can still ejaculate. I have been concerned for him but praying that it is nothing. The more I read the more concerned I become but other than the curvature of the penis he has no other symptoms.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. I love my man and it isn't a serious issue to me but I'm concerned that it will affect him.


My Peyronie's Answer

Dear LJ

Can I first say that your partner is extremely lucky to have such a caring and supportive partner like you. I know both personally, and through my correspondence through my website, how valuable supportive partners are for men with Peyronie's disease.

This article offer some advice for Peyronie's partners, offering some advice how they can best support their partners. I hope you will find it helpful. It is very much about the right attitude which you definitely have.

But what I recommend now is that you two talk openly and honestly together. You need to find out exactly how he feels and tell him exactly what you told me, i.e. that this changes nothing for you… as long as he is not letting it affect him. Just pick the time and place carefully, make sure there are no interruptions so you both can feel "comfortable" discussing a delicate issue like this.

The way I see it the main thing is to be able to enjoy healthy satisfying sex life. So if the issue is only "cosmetic", i.e. there is no pain and you can have a healthy satisfying sex life together, then you as a couple may choose to just live with the current situation.
Just be aware of the situation when having sexual intercourse, e.g. avoid positions that may put an awkward strain on the penis.

But don’t let Peyronie's get in the way of you getting intimate, there is absolutely no need for that and that would be the worst thing that could happen for both of you.

Saying that, Peyronie's tends to "get to" men. The penis is closely linked to most men's self-image so penis problems tend to affect most men psychologically as well as physically (depression is very common among men with Peyronie's).

Also, Peyronie's has two stages. You don't say when he / you first noticed the problem but if he is still in the acute phase (usually the first 12-18 months) then his condition may still be progressing. If this is the case, then I recommend seeing a doctor (someone experienced with Peyronie's disease) and explore the treatment options available to him.

As you can see in my interview with Dr. Levine, acting early on can prevent men needing invasive treatment in the future.

I hope this is of some help and I wish you both all the best in the future.

Best regards,

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Comments On This Article

  1. LJ December 9th, 2016

    Please share the question and your response.  If it will help another couple it will be good.

    I love my partner very much and the PD is just something he has it's not who he is. He has had this as long as we've been together and he has never let it bother him. He is a very unusual man. He believes it is what it is and accepts it. Actually I think our intimacy has either made it better or kept it from becoming any worse. If it gets worse or he becomes impotent, it is what it is and we will persevere. Love is a mighty strong medicine. 

    • Birgir Deceomber 9th, 2016

      Thank you Linda, I will do.

      If he has had it since you have been together and is not letting it bother him then you may just leave it as it is and "live with it". Because he is either in the stable phase or possible has congenital curvature (?). In either case his condition will not get worse unless he gets a new onset of PD (so just in case avoid putting awkward strain on the penis).

      Erectile dysfunction is sure common among men with Peyronie's but it is not one of the symptoms as such. It is more likely to be because more older men get Peyronie's and often they get it because their erection is not as firm as it used to be.

      So good erectile health is important for all men, not only men with PD. If you partner takes good care of his erectile health then there is no reason to fear the worst. Simply put, everything could stay as it has been and it sounds like everything has been pretty good.

      However, I don't know what prompted you to contact me in the first place. Your own concerns or if your subconscious feels something is bothering your partner. If the latter, then I would still take the opportunity and have that chat. If the former, then I hope your mind has been put at rest and you can continue to enjoy your relationship.

      I do agree, love is a mighty strong medicine (and the most enjoyable one for sure) and I totally agree with your take on things. What will be will be and strong couples get through whatever will be together. And I'm totally convinced that you two are that kind of a couple.

      Kind regards,


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