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Peyronie's Resources

There are many Peyronie's resources available now a days, offering information, advice, and support to men with Peyronie's disease and their partners.

In this section I discuss where to find other good resources and support, both on the web and locally. I also explain the steps you can take in order to verify the quality and trustworthiness of the information you are receiving.

Research carefully the options available to you and seek professional Peyronie's advice as applicable. Get medical advice from your doctor, find out what other men with Peyronie's disease have to say and talk to your partner, or trusted friend.

Where To Find Reliable Peyronie's Advice

There has never been easier to find Peyronie's advice, thanks to the internet. You can find wealth of valuable information and advice on-line, as well as get in touch with fellow Peyronie's sufferers in on-line forums.

There are number of good books about Peyronie's disease available and there may even be a local Peyronie's support group near you (especially if you live in, or near, a big city).

You should though always see a doctor about your Peyronie's disease and the sooner the better.

It is important to bear in mind that both health professionals and fellow sufferers may have some preferences where Peyronie's treatments are concerned.

Their experience (good or bad) is likely to affect their opinions and they might not necessarily be up to date with the latest Peyronie's developments (especially the non–professionals).

Fellow Peyronie's Sufferers

Fellow Peyronie's sufferers may have personal experience of a treatment and it can be either good or bad. However, even if it worked (or didn't work) for them, it does not automatically mean it will work (or not work) for you.

Silhouette of group of men

Try to find out as much as you possible can about their condition prior to starting their Peyronie's treatment. Were their Peyronie's symptoms similar to yours? Do their symptoms sound less or more severe than yours? When did they start their treatment, i.e. during the acute or chronic phase?

What about other circumstances when they went through their treatment, for example were they similar age as you are now, or did they have any other medical problems, like high blood pressure or diabetes?

You can usually ask fellow Peyronie's sufferers questions like this in on-line Peyronie's Forums or if you are attending Peyronie's support group. Most of them will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Similar background though does not guarantee that what worked for them will work for you too.

Treatment that worked well on conditions similar to yours is however more likely to work for you than treatment that worked well on different conditions, or treatment that didn't work well on conditions similar to yours.

Fellow Peyronie's sufferers can be great source of information and advice, as long as you bear in mind that most are only experts in their personal Peyronie's experience.

However, some men with Peyronie's disease have thoroughly researched the matter and can be considered as valuable overall Peyronie's resources. You will soon be able to judge for yourself who those are.

Health Professionals

Doctors and other health professionals may also prefer some treatments to others. There can be many reasons for it. Their experience means they might favor some treatments or they might not be familiar with the latest Peyronie's treatments on offer.

The latter may especially be the case if your doctor / urologist is not experienced in treating Peyronie's disease (as was the case with my urologist).

It is therefore important that you know what treatment options are available to you prior to seeing your doctor / specialist. That way you can Ask Your Doctor about the Peyronie's treatment options that appeal most to you.

If your doctor is against a treatment that you are interested in trying, then try to find out why. Is it because he believes or knows it does not work for Peyronie's, or is it because he is not familiar with the treatment as an option for men with Peyronie's disease.

This may especially be relevant if you are interested in trying some of the newer or more controversial Peyronie's treatments.

On-line Peyronie's Resources

Now a day you will find most of the Peyronie's resources on-line, just like this website. There is lot of Peyronie's information available on the internet but the question is how reliable are they?

Drawing the world wide web

You will quickly get a feeling if you trust a website or not, especially if you view few Peyronie's resources websites in quick succession.

Always check the credentials of those behind the websites. Are they who they say they are? What do they say about themselves in their 'About Me' section? Can you contact them directly? Do they appear under their real names and with their own pictures? Do they disclosure any affiliate interests with other websites or businesses?

Why these questions? It is about honesty and trust. How can you trust someone who is not forthcoming with you who they are? Just as with any business, you should be able to see the boss!

And always seek verification for any claims made, either with another website or with someone who is likely to know, like your doctor. For example, if someone says something is based on scientific studies, they should provide links to them so you can verify those studies by yourself.

Remember the good old saying...

If something sounds too good to be true,
it probably is (not true that is)

Books About Peyronie's Disease

Books are excellent Peyronie's resources and there are number of good Books About Peyronie's Disease available. Published books (hard copies) are usually written by health professionals or other reputable experts in the field.

Electronic books (e-books) are getting more and more popular, making it easier for anyone to publish their own book. Which is good news; just check the author's background carefully, i.e. make sure the author is who he says he is and check that his credentials are real.

I recommend using as many Peyronie's resources as possible. Seek all the Peyronie's information you can find and accept all the Peyronie's advice and support you can get.

Ps.: This Peyronie's Glossary should be helpful when conducting your research.

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