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Can Traction Device Make Peyronie’s Condition Worse?

Peyronie's Question

My brother is 29 year old and he was diagnosed with Peyronies in June 2016. He is still in a acute phase of the illness. Then pain started, in the “bottom” of the penis.

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A few months back he bought a traction device from X4Lab Company. He started using it, but soon afterwards, he started feeling pain just a “cm” under the corona of his penis. He stopped using the device because he was afraid that using it could make it even worse. Now he is terrified that the “plaque” is forming in two places (bottom and under the corona of his penis).

We visited the top urologist doctors in our country and every single one of them told us to wait for the acute phase to pass.

Do you have any experience; can using a traction device create new potential spots for “plaque”? Can traction device be used in spite of the pain that is present?

We are from Croatia. Can you recommend us some doctors “nearby” (Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia)?

My Peyronie's Answer

Traction devices are classified as safe devices for men with Peyronie’s disease and many (myself included) have gotten good results by using them. As you brother is still in the acute phase his condition is likely to be still progressing, the use of the traction device does not affect that (if anything can slow the progress down).

However, he should not feel pain as such when wearing the device. If he feels pain then he is doing something wrong, e.g. applying too much traction add the time or wearing the device for too long (should break every 2 hours).

The “wait and see” approach is still favoured by some Urologists but increasingly Peyronie’s specialists are recommending starting treatment as soon as possible in the acute phase. I recommend your brother reads my interview with Dr. Levine, one of the best known Peyronie’s specialists in the world today, as it contains such a wealth of information about the different treatments.

I also recommend reading this article but it compares the most common treatment options today and contains direct links for further information. Hopefully it can help your brother to identify which options may be suitable for him.

I normally do not recommend any specific doctors as not within the scope of my website. However, I have interviewed Dr. Paulis (Italy) and know he has received some good results with his patients. Few of them have shared their story with My Peyronie’s readers, like Simone and Tony. And this article may help your brother to prepare for his next doctor’s appointment.

Finally, your brother is very lucky to have such a supportive sister. Peyronie’s disease is very difficult for most men to deal with and I feel especially for young men like your brother with his whole life ahead of him. Having support like yours can really make the difference. Depression is very common among men with Peyronie’s and it is very important not to forget about the emotional side of this disease.

I hope this is some help but feel free to contact me anytime if you think I can be of any further assistance. Your brother can also contact me anytime.

All the best to you both,


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