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Will Sex Make Peyronie's Curvature Worse?

Peyronie's Question

I'm 28 years old. I've had peyronie's since December of 2008. I've seen 3 urologist about it. Two which didn't offer any treatment advise or plan. The third one prescribed Vitamin E only. I finally saw a urologist last year that prescribed Pentoxifylline. Anyway I've been taking pentoxifylline 400 mg three times a day for the past year in combination with vitamin e 1000 ui's.

No sex because the men has Peyronie's curvature

Anyhow I was hoping of getting advice from you. My curvature is less than 15 degrees and plaque cannot be felt when flaccid. I've only had sex 1 time since of 2008 and that was July 2014 despite my erections being good and firm, because I'm afraid it might worsen my condition.

If I do the traction therapy how long should I refrain from masturbating or potentially future intercourse or relationships while I do the traction therapy.

Please give me some form of advise I can't go on avoiding sex and relationships because of this.


My Peyronie's Answer

I'm sorry to hear you have developed Peyronie's at such a young age but the good news is that your condition is now stable, i.e. you have reached the stable phase of the disease.

So you do not have to stay away from sex as it will not make your condition worse. You have reached the stable phase and that means your condition will not get worse (unless you injury your penis again). Just make sure you take reasonable care when having sexual intercourse in the future and you will be fine. There is absolutely no reason NOT to have sex for this reason.

This brings us to the second good news in your case. Your curvature is very mild, i.e. less than 15 degrees. The medical profession considers penis with up to 10 degrees curvature as straight penis.

So you may just want to learn to live with your mild curvature. Slightly bent penis is nothing to worry about. You can live perfectly great healthy sex life with mild curvature like this.
I of course realize that most men are concerned about the look as well as the function. Still, it is a question about the "cost benefit ratio", i.e. how much hardship is justified to improve the condition slightly.

But if you do decide you want to give traction therapy a try then this article contains links to all my articles about the topic. And if you do go for traction therapy then you do not have to refrain from masturbation or sexual intercourse while undergoing treatment. As said before, just take reasonable care when having sex / masturbating, i.e. avoid putting unnecessary strain on the penis, and you will be fine.

Please don't let Peyronie's affect your life more than it already has. You are a young health man and you should go out look for a partner. I wish you all the best and hope you will find your dream partner in due course.

Best regards,

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