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Penis Curvature To The Left

How to treat left side curvature with traction device

Peyronie's Question

I have had Peyronie's for 3 – 5 months but have not seen a doctor. My penis started curving to the left, I estimate about 40 degrees. I have had no treatment to date.

I would like to know how bad my curvature is and will I still be able to have sexual relations with it?


My Peyronie's Answer

40 degree curvature would normally be classified as moderate penile curvature and men with moderate curvature can usually have sexual intercourse but some sexual positions can be challenging than others. It is important to be careful when having sexual intercourse not to put awkward strain on the penis as it can aggravate the condition for men in the acute phase. Every extra degree of curvature will make sexual intercourse more difficult and finally impossible.

And you are most likely still in the acute phase meaning your condition may still be progressing (the acute phase usually lasts between 12-18 months). I therefore strongly recommend that you see a doctor with experience of treating men with Peyronie's disease as soon as possible. There is no cure for Peyronie's disease but there are treatment options that may help you to stop the progression of the disease and even reverse some of the curvature.

The sooner you start treatment the more options you have and the better results you can expect. This article contains overview of the most common Peyronie's treatments today. Hopefully it can help you to identify which ones you would like to explore further with your doctor.

Most men today start with combination of some non-surgical treatment options. For example use traction therapy and oral medication (e.g. Pentoxifylline) and even injections (Verapamil or Xiaflex if you can afford it or have good insurance). Surgery is usually the final option. It is anyway never done until the patient has reached the stable phase of the disease.

I wish you all the best with your treatment.

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