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My Phallosan Forte Review

This Phallosan Forte review is based on me personally testing the product. I not only tried it on. I put it thoroughly to the test, like wearing it while doing various everyday tasks and while sleeping.

Penis stretching can be achieved with either traction (traction device) or pumping (penis vacuum pumps). Phallosan is a stretching device that cleverly combines the traction and vacuum technology.

I have already explained how the Phallosan Vacuum Protector System works and how it may benefit men with Peyronie's disease. I'm assuming you have already read that and now you want to find out if Phallosan Forte is the right treatment option for you.

My Phallosan Forte review contains the following sections:

The Phallosan Device & Phallosan Photos

Phallosan Forte is developed and designed by a German company and manufactured in Malta.

It arrives in very discreet packaging. The box inside that contains the actual device and all the accessories is a clean looking paper box. Maybe not the most durable, but it does the job. And the "control by" ticket is a nice touch.

Discreet packaging Inside Phallosan box

The items included in the Phallosan kit are:

1. Three suction bells (small, medium, large) with attached 4 sleeve condoms (1 small, 2 medium, 1 large)

2. Measuring tool to decide the right size of suction bell for you

3. DVD disk with instructions (as well as printed manual, seen in the photo above)

4. Protector cap that is put over your penis glans

5. Suction ball with 3-way valve to suck out any air from the suction bell

6. Tension clip with tension springs to adjust the intensity of the tension using a traffic light color code system

7. Orthopaedic elastic belt that is strapped around the waist to keep the device in place and to apply tension (by adjusting it)

The Phallosan kit items

My Personal Experience Of Phallosan Forte

Not only did I try the Phallosan device on, I wore it while performing various everyday tasks, as well as sleeping with it on (one of the main benefits of using it). This review is about my experience of using Phallosan Forte... as well as some practical tips.

Phallosan Is Easy To Apply

Phallosan comes with detailed instructions. There is a paper manual as well as demonstration DVD. When applying the Phallosan for the first time, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

It turned out to be easier to put the Phallosan on then I had expected. You start by measuring the width of your penis at the base with the measuring tool that comes with the package. You then choose the appropriate suction bell, i.e. small, medium, or large.

The suction bell is fitted with a sleeve condom. This is similar to normal condom, though the material is thicker. It is important to take care when handling the sleeve condom. You need to replace it if it rips but Phallosan now comes with three extra sleeve condoms. These should last you during months of treatment if you follow the instructions carefully.

How to roll the Phallosan sleeve condom

The best way to handle the sleeve condom is to roll it up gently, like the tip of a balloon. Roll it all the way up to the bottom of the suction bell and then put it around the base of the bell (see picture).

By doing it this way, you will reduce the risk of rupturing the sleeve. It also makes it easier to roll it down the penis, the same way as you would apply traditional condom.

Once you have prepared the sleeve condom and the suction bell, you take the protector cap and place that on the penis glans. Again, I found it easiest to apply it by turning the inside out and then roll it over the glans. But you will soon discover what method is best suited for you.

Once the protector cap is on, you place your penis inside the suction bell and roll down the sleeve condom. It all feels a bit strange at this stage; you probably never had anything placed over your penis like this before. However, it is not uncomfortable.

You then follow the instructions on how to create vacuum inside the suction bell, and how to maintain that vacuum. But basically you use the valve that fits on top of the suction bell to suck out any air. Once done (usually 2 to 4 presses) you lock the valve. Now the penis is secure in place inside the suction bell.

The next thing is to fasten the elastic orthopaedic belt and apply the necessary tension.

You apply the tension by adjusting the belt. A traffic light indicator on the tension clip will help you to decide how much traction you are applying. The picture shows how much force each traffic light is indicating.

Phallosan different traction force explained

Most traditional traction device come with traction up to 1,500 grams, though up to 2,800 is known (Male Edge). Always start with minimum tension and build it up gradually. I personally would not exceed the yellow zone.

The Phallosan Manual Opens in new window symbol gives detailed instructions on how to use and maintain your Phallosan but it is recommended to wash it daily with warm soapy water.

Phallosan Is Comfortable To Wear

Phallosan may not look comfortable to wear but surprisingly it is.

Phallosan is more comfortable to wear than the other penis traction devices I have tried. Your penis fits snugly inside the suction bell and the protector cap ensures that the penis glans is protected from too much tension or pressure.

Sleeping With Phallosan

One of the main benefits of Phallosan Forte is that you can wear it while you sleep, which you cannot do with other traction devices.

Being able to sleep with Phallosan will allow more men to wear traction device for the required minimum 8 hours of stretching. Because the more you use any traction device, the better results you can expect. It is as simple as that.

I decided not just to take their word for it and put this to the test.

I put the device on and decided to wear tight boxer shorts over it. I was concerned it would not be comfortable to lie down, due to the elastic belt goes around your waist and the plastic adjustment fastener is at the back or on your side.

To my surprise, it was not a problem. You can of course feel that you are wearing a belt around your waist, but it does not feel uncomfortable at all. I had no problems with lying on my back or on either side. However, it might be difficult if you normally sleep on your stomach (I don't).

The orthopedic belt is elastic and because of that it will move with your body, avoiding any additional tension or pull against your skin (while other traction devices are rigid).

I had no problem with falling asleep. After approximately four hours I woke up feeling a little bit of tension. Some of the pubic hairs had become tangled in the base of the belt and were being pulled. I decided to take the device off and go back to sleep. My advice is to trim your pubic hairs to avoid any hair being pulled.

I'm satisfied with the claims that you can safely wear your Phallosan while sleeping. It may take few nights to get fully used to it, but if you are normally a good sleeper, you should have no problems.

Doing Everyday Tasks While Wearing Phallosan

My testing was not over. I decided to test the Phallosan Forte while doing some typical everyday tasks. Because some men may not want to wear the device while sleeping, or want to wear it for more hours than they sleep.

Wearing the Phallosan is hardly visible when wearing your trouser (see photos). Nor does it interfere too much with your normal movements. Still, you may have to adjust some movements while wearing the device.

Wearing my Phallosan

Wearing it while working at my office desk was no problem at all.

I decided to do some physical work too and wore the Phallosan while I vacuumed the whole house. Vacuuming involves lot of bending down and in my case also going up and down stairs. The device did not interfere at all with the vacuuming (so sorry but you cannot use it as excuse to get out of it!).

At one point, I felt as if the penis had slipped out of the suction bell. That was though not the case, I just needed to press the valve and suck out bit more air.

I also did all the cooking in the evening. Again, I had no problem at all. Bending down to get pots and pans and putting the roast in the oven was no problem.

The following day I decided to wear the Phallosan while I was driving and when taking my dogs out for a walk.

Sitting down in the car felt a bit odd, bit more tension and slightly restricted seating position. I adjusted the car seat slightly from my normal driving position and was able to get comfortable. Again, at one point it felt as the penis had slipped out of the suction bell. Again, all that had happened was that I needed to reapply the suction.

I would though not recommend wearing the device while driving as it might distract you. But, you may feel otherwise after trying it on.

Picking up after the dogs felt a little bit awkward at first, I had to bend down slightly with my leg straight back. The same goes when putting my shoes on. Still both perfectly doable, I just had to adjust my movements slightly.

The bottom line is that you can easily wear your Phallosan while doing most everyday tasks. It is remarkable comfortable to wear and not that restricting.

My Personal Opinion Of Phallosan

I feel that it is easy to put the Phallosan Forte on and wear it for extensive periods. Wearing the Phallosan did not interfere too much with my day-to-day activities, though some movements were slightly restricted. I felt my movements were less restricted than when wearing a traditional traction device.

The suction bell sleeve condom is delicate and I can see the risk of it ripping during frequent use. Phallosan comes with 4 sleeve condoms, i.e. 1 in small, 2 in medium and 1 in large. Phallosan advices that 90% of men start with medium size sleeve condoms and then requested or bought another in large, meaning the majority get three usable sleeve condoms.

This should last most men for few months of treatment, i.e. if they treat them carefully. Additional sleeve condoms can be bought separately but they are not cheap so take good care of those you get with the device.

The Phallosan Forte provides the necessary tension that you require as part of your Peyronie’s traction treatment. As it is comfortable to wear, you can wear it for longer periods at the time and you can sleep with it on. I find Phallason an excellent device to use as part of your Peyronie’s traction treatment.

However, it does not give you directional traction like the Peyronie’s Device or the Andropeyronie, but it definitely offers the level of traction you need for your treatment and you can wear it for longer each day.

Directional traction is a plus but there is no evidence that it offers better curvature straightening over and above straight traction (though more likely).

Using Phallosan you are more likely to achieve (or even exceed) the daily recommended traction hours for Peyronie’s treatment. That alone may outweigh the potential benefits of using directional traction device.

Traditional traction devices can be difficult to wear for more than 8 or 9 hours each day. With Phallosan you can wear it for even longer than that.

I am very comfortable in recommending using Phallosan Forte as Peyronie’s traction treatment.

As a conclusion to this Phallosan Forte review I would seriously consider buying Phallosan if I were to start my Peyronie’s treatment today.

Dr. Levine, one of the best known Peyronie's specialists in the world today, now recommends traction therapy for all his non-surgical patients. He also recommends using it before (if possible) and after penis penis surgery.

He used to use traditional traction devices but has found newer devises that apply vacuum to the glans (like Phallosan) to allow more prolonged wear as his patients find them more comfortable to wear.

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