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Can I Use My Old Traction Device As Directional Penis Traction Device?

Peyronie's Question

Thanks for a good site with a lot of useful information. I wonder if the plastic heads or the so caled "multi heads" of the traction devices that are specifically aimed at treating peyronie's and curved penis also can be used on other devices?

Specifically, is it possible to use them on a size genetics extender or do you have to buy a whole new kit even if you just need the plastic upper head?

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Can I Use My Old Traction Device As Directional Penis Traction Device?

My Peyronie's Answer

Good question! I did check this out for you just now. The Andropeyronie multi-head can be put on a Size Genetics (SG) extender BUT it is bit loose, i.e. looser than the SG head. Might make it uncomfortable to wear. Not sure if it is recommended!

Size Genetics also sells The Peyronies Device, i.e. SG extender with multi-head. You may want to contact them directly and ask if they can get you multi-head to use with their device.

You can still use your old Size Genetics to treat penile curvature. Many men have successfully used traditional devices (with "normal" head, not multi-head) to satisfyingly treat their Peyronie's disease. I'm one of them.

What's more, the studies into using traction therapy for Peyronie's disease have been based on traditional traction devices. Directional traction heads may (or may not) be better for penile curvature. They are at least as good, which is why I recommend them for men with Peyronie's disease.

However, for those that already own traction device, I don't think they will make all the difference. What matters most for success is the time and effort put into the traction therapy, i.e. to get results men need to wear traction device for hours every day for extended period, i.e. some months.

I hope this is some help. I would appreciate if you keep me posted about your progress.

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