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Treatment For Peyronie's Disease
What Results Can You Expect?

It is known that certain treatment for Peyronie's disease have worked well for some men but not for others.

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In addition, we know that some treatments have worked better for certain Peyronie's symptoms than others.

We also know the sooner you start your treatment the better result you are likely to get. Furthermore, how dedicated you are to your Peyronie's treatment can affect the outcome as well.

This is especially valid if your Peyronie's treatment involves using medical devices, like penile extenders or penile vacuum pumps. The more diligently you use them, the better result you are likely to experience.

What Do Peyronie's Specialists Say?

Most Peyronie's specialists believe some treatments to be more effective than others. That is either based on their personal experience or on extensive research into the Peyronie's disease.

However, how to define treatment result is somewhat challenging. Many questions come to mind, like what is success and how can we measure it?

There are scientific Peyronie's studies available that give good indication about the relevant Peyronie's treatment effectiveness (or not). However, when conducting Peyronie's studies, scientists face various obstacles. We have to evaluate their conclusions both logically and rationally.

Scientific support would of course be ideal when evaluating and choosing between different Peyronie's treatments. Lacking that, what matters the most?

At the end of the day, what matters most is the Peyronie's patient own satisfaction with the treatment he undertook. Was he happy with the result of his treatment for Peyronie's disease or not? Was it in line with his expectations, or better still, did it exceed his expectations?

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

This is important, since there are no guarantees.

No one can guarantee that any treatment works for you and your Peyronie's condition. This is no different from any other type of medical treatment you might undertake.

Use your own judgment when choosing between treatments. You might even have to try more than one treatment before finding the right treatment that works for you. Combining two or more treatments might even give you the best results.

Just keep your expectations realistic. Look for satisfying result.

Your Peyronie's treatment goals should be:

  1. Stop the progression of the disease, e.g. further bending of the penis
  2. Maintain full sexual function, i.e. not end up with severely deformed penis or becoming impotent
  3. Reverse your conditions as much as possible, e.g. straightening bent penis

The fact is that your penis is unlikely to become fully straight again without penis surgery, which comes at high risk. But your conditions can often be improved, sometimes significantly.

Remember, the sooner you start your treatment for Peyronie's disease, the better results you are likely to get and the disease will have less impact on your life.

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