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Should You Go For Penis Pump Or Traction Device?

Men with Peyronie's disease are sometimes unsure if they should go for penis pump or traction device. The decision can be up to personal preference though each device is better suited for some Peyronie's patients than others.

This article will help you to decide which penis stretching device is right for your situation.

Penis Vacuum Pumps Improves Erection Quality

The original purpose of penis vacuum pumps was to solve erectile dysfunction. Low quality erections or even erectile dysfunction is common among men with Peyronie's disease and penis pump are good option for those men.

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The Penis Pump helps men to achieve and maintain firm erection, allowing them to have satisfying sexual intercourse again... as long as the penis is not too bent or deformed for sexual intercourse (then penis surgery is usually the only option).

Penis vacuum pump can really make all the difference for men with erectile dysfunction, as they would not be able to have sexual intercourse without them.

They could of course use medication like Viagra to achieve erection but many men don't like to take medication unless absolutely necessary. Penis pump is a real alternative to oral medication like Viagra.

Men with low quality erection can also benefit greatly from using penis pumps. Trying to have intercourse with low quality erection can aggravate your Peyronie's condition, as there is more risk of buckling if the penis is not firm enough.

Men with Peyronie's disease have also used penis pumps to work on the penis curvature. This Penis Vacuum Pump Study Opens in new window symbol concluded that "vacuum therapy can improve or stabilize the curvature of PD".

However, if you want to improve or stabilize the penis curvature but do not suffer from low quality erections / erectile dysfunction as well, then penis traction device could be a better option for you.

Penis Traction Device Is Better For Penis Curvature

Using penile stretching to improve penis curvature is about applying consistent traction to stretch the penis tissue.

Penis Traction Device applies more traction than penis pump, simply because you wear it for hours compared to using penis pump for only few minutes at the time. The more traction that is applied, the more stretching of the penile tissue is achieved. This is why I feel that penis stretching device is better than penis pump for treating penis curvature.

This however means that men have to commit more time to their treatment if they are using penile stretching device. This may not be convenient for some men, i.e. to wear penis traction device daily for hours.

The Peyronie's Device traction device for men with Peyronie's disease

If this is the case then the Phallosan is an excellent option. Phallosan Forte is a penile stretching device that combines the traction and vacuum technology. You still have to wear the device for extended periods but you can use it safely while you sleep (which you cannot with the traditional penis traction device).

Penis traction devices are classified as non-invasive and low risk penile stretching device. Penis vacuum pumps are also generally considered safe device but they can aggravate already existing conditions like Peyronie's disease.

This is why men with Peyronie's should only use qualified penis vacuum pumps and it is vital that the pressure does not exceed 200 – 250 mmHg.

Men with certain health conditions should also use penis pumps with caution, e.g. those using blood thinners, with history of bleeding disorder or prolonged erection (Priapism), or significant penis curvature.

This is why I feel penis traction device is a better choice for all men with Peyronie's disease except those suffering from low quality erection, or that for some reasons cannot commit to penile stretching treatment.

The best traction device for men with Peyronie's disease allows you to control the direction of the traction.

Penis Pump Or Traction Device Comparison Table

This table summarizes the benefits each device has over the other.

Penis Pump Or Traction Device? Pump Traction
Erection Quality Yes
Penis Curvature Yes
Convenience Yes
Less Risk Yes

Penis pump works better for men suffering from low erection quality or erectile dysfunction but penis traction device works better on penis curvature. While using penis pump requires less time commitment and is therefore more convenient to use. Penis traction device is however safe for all men to use.

The bottom line is that your condition may help you to decide between penis pump or traction device.

Men suffering from both conditions, i.e. have bent penis and low erection quality, may prefer to use both treatment options. They then use the penis pump to achieve and maintain erection but use penile stretching device to work on the penis curvature.

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