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Penis Vacuum Pump
For Treating Peyronie's Disease

Men with Peyronie's are increasingly using penis vacuum pumps as part of their treatment. The original function of these pumps was to solve erectile dysfunction, hence the other name, vacuum erection device (VED). Men have also used them to improve their sexual fitness (penis gym).

There is no question that penile vacuum pumps are beneficial for men with erectile problems, but can penis pumps also benefit men with Peyronie's disease?

Vacuum erection devices have shown to improve or stabilize the penis curvature in men with Peyronie's disease and may reduce the number of patients needing penis surgery. They are particularly beneficial for men that suffer from low quality erection or erectile dysfunction.

Men with Peyronie's disease should only use qualified penis pumps and it is imperative that the pressure does not exceed 200-250 mmHg.

In this article, I explain how VED works for men with Peyronie's disease, the main benefits, potential health risk associated with use and scientific support for those claims.

What Is Penis Vacuum Pump?

Penile pump is a hollow tube (cylinder) that fits over the penis. A vacuum pump is used to remove the air from the tube. This creates vacuum that “draws” blood into the penis, giving you an erection.

Androvacuum penis pump
Androvacuum Penis Pump

The vacuum pump can be hand or battery powered but electric penis pump is more convenient as you only need one hand to operate it.

Most men use the vacuum erection device to achieve erection and allow them to have sexual intercourse.

Tension ring is then slipped around the base of the pumped penis (to keep it firm) and the tube is then subsequently removed. The tension ring is removed after the intercourse and the penis comes flaccid again.

As Peyronie's treatment, penile pumps are used on daily basis to create tension in the penis.

How To Use Penis Vacuum Pump For Peyronie's Disease

When the air is removed from the penis tube gentle tension on the penis occurs. The use of penile vacuum pumps to treat Peyronie's is based on the rationale that the tension may encourage the scar tissue in the penis to be reconstructed, leading to a reduction in the penis curvature.

Men with Peyronie's disease should use the vacuum erection device twice a day. Each session should take around 10 minutes, i.e. apply vacuum and maintain it for 3 minutes, then release and repeat the process.

Penile vacuum pumps can be used at any stage of the Peyronie's disease, i.e. during the acute and chronic phase.

What Are The Benefits Of Penis Vacuum Pumps?

Penile vacuum device is a non-surgical option for men with stable Peyronie's disease. Using penis pump is an easy, convenient, and low cost Peyronie's treatment option.

Vacuum erection pumps are particularly beneficial for men with low erection quality or Erectile Dysfunction as penis pumps can enables them to enjoy sexual intercourse again. Vacuum erection device (VED) is a real alternative to oral medication like Viagra.

What Are The Downsides Of Vacuum Erection Devices?

Penile pumps are generally considered safe device but may aggravate already existing conditions such as Peyronie's disease, especially in those with severe penis curvature (see possible health risk).

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Penis Vacuum Pump?

Penis bruising, skin breakdown and penile pain associated with the application of the device are the most common side effects. Some men report less forceful ejaculations and / or temporary penile numbness.

If you experience any severe pain or discomfort, you should reduce the vacuum. If they pain continues, stop using the penis vacuum device and seek medical advice.

Does Penile Vacuum Pump Involve Any Health Risk?

The use of qualified penis vacuum devices is generally considered safe. However if you have any of the following conditions you should use VED with caution, i.e. those using blood thinners, have history of bleeding disorder, diminished penile sensation, history of prolonged erection (Priapism) or significant penile curvature.

FDA has approved the use of vacuum erection devices for men with erectile dysfunction. FDA however recommends that the labeling for vacuum pumps to include the following precaution:

use of a vacuum pump may aggravate already existing conditions such as Peyronie's disease (the formation of hardened tissue in the penis that causes pain, curvature, and distortion, usually during erection)(FDA External Penile Rigidity Devices Guidance Opens in new window symbol)

Men with severe penis curvature might be discouraged from using penile vacuum pump, as the straight tube may exert too much stress on the curved penis, resulting in trauma to the already bent penis shaft.

Only use qualified penis vacuum pump, especially if you have Peyronie's disease. This is important in order to limit the risk of aggravating the condition.

It is of great importance that the pressure does not exceed 200-250 mmHg.

There are a number of medical equipment companies that have specially-designed devices which are carefully constructed so that a limited amount of pressure is allowed to develop. This is to reduce the likelihood of pressure-induced penile injury. This pressure is approximately 200-250 mmHg. In contrast, there are devices available, generally termed “penis developers” which have not been tested and can expose the penis to pressures well in excess of the above figure. Often these devices can be obtained through mail order companies. It is important for clinicians and patients to be aware that these instruments are potentially dangerous and have no FDA clearance. Patients with ED and without ED are to be discouraged from using these latter devices(Department of Urology at Weill Cornell Medical College Opens in new window symbol)

The bottom line is, only use qualified vacuum pumps, with pressure below 200-250 mmHg.

Do Penis Pumps Work
For Men With Peyronie's Disease?

Penis vacuum pumps have shown some benefits in improving penis curvature and increasing penile length in men with Peyronie's disease.

Men with Peyronie's report less patient satisfaction than those suffering only from erectile dysfunction. This is not that surprising as erection vacuum pumps are designed to treat erectile dysfunction, not penis curvature.

Peyronie's patients still report moderate satisfaction and you do not have to spend much time on Peyronie's forums to find many patients that are very satisfied with the result achieved by using vacuum erection device.

Scientific Support
For Penis Vacuum Pump Peyronie's Treatment

There are many scientific studies available about the effectiveness of using penile pumps to treat erectile dysfunction. Andromedical lists all the main penis pump studies.

There are however not many studies into the effects of using penis vacuum pumps to treat men with Peyronie's disease. This is the only one I have found so far but their conclusion is very favorable:

Vacuum therapy can improve or stabilize the curvature of PD, is safe to use in all stages of the disease, and might reduce the number of patients going on to surgery(NCBI 2010 Opens in new window symbol)

My Personal Experience
And Opinion Of Penis Vacuum Pump

I have not used vacuum erection device for my Peyronie's disease but I used Penis Traction Device that is based on the same rationale, i.e. stretching the penis to encourage the reconstruction of the scar tissue in the penis.

Many Peyronie's specialists today recommend stretching therapy as part of the Peyronie's treatment plan. Whatever using penis pump or traction device can be down to personal preference but sometimes one option is more preferable.

Penis vacuum pump is better option for Peyronie's patients that also suffer from low quality erections or erectile dysfunction. Traction device on the other hand may be better option for men with more severe curvature.

Using penis pump is also less time consuming, making pumps more practical for many men.

Another option is to use penis pump in conjunction with penis traction device.

For example use the pump when not convenient to use the penis extender, e.g. when on vacation or travelling on business. Or use the vacuum pump during the working week but the traction device during the weekends.

My Androvacuum review explains why I consider Androvacuum good electric penis pump for men with Peyronie's disease.

Where To Buy Qualified Penis Vacuum Pump?

The Androvacuum is one of the best electric penis pump on the market. You can buy it directly from this website and have it shipped discreetly to most countries in the world.


Have you used vacuum erection device (VED) in your fight against the Peyronie's disease?

If so, please use the form below and leave your Comments, or relevant practical advice to other Peyronie's sufferers.

Comments on this article

bigskyjim May 10th, 2017

Good introductory article; I have been pumping to correct a curve (to the right about 20 %) in my penis for about a year at the advice and support of my urologist; he has been able to confirm some improvement during my physical exams. As you state, daily, three 10 minute sessions with a break to relube was my Dr advice and works for me; only additional thing I do is about 15 minutes of jelqing and stroking after I pump or as long as I maintain an erection.

For me I have no sexual excitement or relief from either the pumping or the stroking. I have never climaxed or ejaculated during a pumping session. Sex and/or masturbation are always at another time. In a year, I have seen some increase in length and thickness but benefits have been more in straightening the curve than enlargement; I am willing to discuss my efforts and results with others. BTW, I am 74 and above average length and thickness.

Question: would age and size have a relationship with Peyronie's or Pumping?

  • BirgirMay 10th, 2017

    It is great to hear that you are getting good results with penis pump. Using traction device might give you faster results but it does require more commitment. So if you are happy with the results you are experience than you may as well stick with pump (especially as your curvature relatively mild and should not interfere with sexual intercourse as such).

    Regarding your question about age and size I’m not qualified to answer it as such (as I'm not medically trained). However, I don’t think size has much to do with either but age is one of the risk factors. Peyronie’s is definitely more common in older men. Most likely as they are more prone to underlying health issues that may have contributed to them getting PD in the first place. For example, high blood pressure and diabetes can affect the erection quality and if the penis is not firm enough during intercourse it is at more risk of buckling which could lead to Peyronie’s disease.

    I hope this is some help and wish you on-going success with your treatment.

    Kind regards,


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