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Dealing With Pain From Peyronie's

At least half of Peyronie's patients experience some form of penis pain from Peyronie's during the acute stage of the disease. For many the penis pain is the first indication that something is wrong. I was one of them.

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I started to feel pain in my penis when I got erection. The pain was sharp and constant during the erection but seized as soon as the penis was flaccid again.

The pain is because the scar tissue is forming and when you get erection there is a stretch on the surrounding tissue, causing you pain. Some men also experience pain in the flaccid penis, likely because of inflammation in the area where the plaque is forming.

Constant sharp penis pain can seriously affect your sexual enjoyment. I tried to ignore it but it did affect my enjoyment and I was starting to dread getting an erection. Not good!

So what can you do about this pain from Peyronie's? Do you have to accept it is a part of your Peyronie's disease or can you do something about it?

The good news is that the penis pain usually goes away when you reach the stable Peyronie's stage, i.e. when the plaque formation stabilizes. Most men reach this stage 12 – 18 months after getting the disease.

Common painkillers, like Advil or Ibuprofen, may help you deal with the Peyronie's pain (I didn't use any so can't say from experience). Some of the Peyronie's treatments on offer can also help reducing the pain. How best to deal with the pain from Peyronie's should be among the things you ask your doctor when you see him.

As I said, penis pain was the first thing I noticed that indicated something was not right down there. I tried to ignore it, as you do! However, it did start to affect my sexual enjoyment, which my wife soon noticed. Leading me to see a doctor and addressing my Peyronie's disease.

Fortunately, I soon started my Peyronie's treatment but I used Penis Traction Device. My penis pain stopped soon after I started my treatment. I don't know for sure if it was because of the traction device or just because I had reached that stage in my disease.

I though guess the former as I started my treatment relatively early in my acute stage, or approximately 6 months after noticing my first symptoms. It also makes sense to me, as the tension from stretching is considered to trigger the body's natural response of growing more tissue to ease the tension.

So the bottom line is? As so often with Peyronie's there is no one answer for everyone. If your penis pain is bad and affecting your sexual enjoyment, talk to your doctor about the options you have. He might recommend some painkillers and they may, or may not, work for you.

Also starting your Peyronie's treatment may help reducing the pain. But if nothing works, you can at least seek comfort in the fact that the penis pain will seize when you reach the stable Peyronie's phase.

Please Share Your Experience of penis pain with us. How did / does it feel? Have you tried something to help you dealing with the pain from Peyronie's?