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Peyronie's Surgery Comparison

I have put this Peyronie's surgery comparison together in order to help you to compare the different surgical treatments available and to find out if they are suitable option for you.

Undergoing penis surgery is always the last Peyronie's treatment option. You should have exhausted the non-surgical treatment options prior to opting for surgical treatment.

Surgery can however be necessary for men with compromised ability / inability to have sexual intercourse caused by severe penis deformity or erectile dysfunction.

At the end of this article, you can download a copy of my comparison table.

Choosing The Right Peyronie's Surgery For You

If you need penile surgery because of the severity of your Peyronie's disease, then the condition of your penis determines which surgical option is right for you.

The first question is if you can achieve and maintain rigid erection. If not, then penile implant is the only surgical option available to you.

If you can achieve erection then the choice is between plication and grafting surgery. The key factors influencing the decision-making are: the stretched penile length, the degree of the penile curvature, and the presence of significant narrowing (hour glass shape).

The following table summarizes Peyronie's condition for each surgical option.

Peyronie's Conditions Plication Grafting Implants
Erection Achievable Yes Yes No
Curvature < 60 degrees > 60 degrees
Stretched Length > 10 cm < 10 cm
Narrowing No Yes

Some Peyronie's conditions exclude some surgical options. For example, if associated penis deformity is present (like hourglass effects, hinge or waisting) then grafting surgery is likely to be your only option, i.e. no matter the severity of your penis curvature and your stretched penile length.

If you also suffered from the inability to have sexual intercourse (Erectile Dysfunction) then your option is like to be penile implant with combined with grafting.

My Peyronie's surgery comparison flowchart shows the surgical decision-making process in a simplified format.

Peyronie's surgery decision flowchart

Peyronie's Surgery Comparison Made Easy

In this PD surgery section I have standardized the article format for each treatment in order to make the Peyronie's surgery comparison consistent and clear.

For each surgical treatment, I list up the following; how it works, the benefits, the downside, side effects and health risk involved. I summarize the reported results and link to the relevant Peyronie's surgical studies I have found.

I share my personal opinion about each surgical. I also encourage you and other visitors of MyPeyronie's.com to share your experience and opinions by submitting comments at the end of each article.

I also give some cost indications, though comparing the cost of different Peyronie's treatments can be tricky. The cost can vary greatly, e.g. between countries and individual surgeons. For this purpose, I have created five cost categories ($ = USD).

These cost categories are for guidance only. You may find cheaper or more expensive Peyronie's treatments available in your area.

Treatment Cost
A Less than $ 100
B $ 100 - 299
C $ 300 - 499
D $ 500 - 1,000
E More than $ 1,000

Penile surgeries are the most expensive of the Peyronie's treatment options, the cost can easily run into thousand of US dollars.

However, the public healthcare system, or health insurance companies, may cover the cost (partly or fully). If not, then you have to be ready fork out some serious amounts for your Peyronie's surgery.

If you have already had, or are planning to have a penis surgery, then you should consider using Traction Device to prevent post-surgical penile shortening.

Download My Peyronie's Surgery Comparison Table

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