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Sex Tips For Men With Peyronie's Disease

These sex tips for men with Peyronie's will benefit those who are concerned how Peyronie's may, or already has, affected their sex life.

Most men can enjoy healthy sex life despite having Peyronie's but like always in life, it is up to us to make sure things happen.

Be open with your partner and discuss with her what you like to do. She is likely to be willing to explore different sexual positions and experiment new things to accommodate your condition.

Painful Sexual Intercourse

Many men experience penis pain during the acute Peyronie's phase. The good news is that this pain usually goes away with time, when you reach the chronic phase.

If the penis pain affects your sexual enjoyment, or capability to have sex, then painkillers, like Ibuprofen or Advil, may help to keep the pain at bay.

Sexual Positions

Not all sexual positions are equal and changing or adjusting your position can really make a difference for your sexual enjoyment.

The best sex positions for men with Peyronie's disease give you more control over the depth, force and angle of thrusting. This way you can better avoid any uncomfortable and awkward pressure on your penis.

Become good at the sex positions that actually support the way your penis is shaped. Not only will it improve your sexual enjoyment, it will also reduce the risk of injuring further your already injured penis.

Sex Is More Than Penetration

If penetration is painful or cumbersome, then you can concentrate more on other aspects of your sex life. Like foreplay and oral sex.

Concentrate on building sexual relationship. Actually, all sex tips advice you to do so anyway, even if penetration is not a problem (with or without Peyronie's).

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Think Sensual

Important part of building sexual relationship is to think sensually. Massage, oils, and scents are perfect for building intimacy and pleasure.

Take your time, enjoy the sensual aspect of your sexual relationship… and your woman is likely to love it too.

Become Student Of Love

We can all learn more about sex so do your homework, actually you might enjoy going “back to school” in this case. Learn about different positions, different ways to give and achieve sexual pleasure and check out new sex tips and tricks.

Open your mind, expand your sexual horizon, and put your imagination to work. You are likely to “reap what you sow” in this area as other areas in your life.

Using Sex Aids

Use relevant sex aids if you need them, or if you just like them. Sex aids can be something to help you get or maintain erection, like Viagra or Penis Pump.

Sex aids can also be something to help you get stimulated, like erotic photos or movies. Sex aids can also be sex toys, to spice up your sex life.

Don't be shy. It makes perfect sense to use sex aids that you are comfortable with and it can help you to enjoy your sex life more.

Work On The Biggest Sex Organ

No matter how big your penis is, your biggest sex organ is still your brain. If you believe Peyronie's disease will destroy your sex life, it very likely will. It may though not be the Peyronie's fault... it may actually be your fault.

If you believe you cannot satisfy your partner with your curved penis, then very likely you will not be able to. If you believe you can, then you likely will. Don't assume that you cannot successfully pleasure your partner just because your penis is bent.

If you don't think you can overcome your sexual challenges by working on them, then you very likely can't. If you believe you can, you very likely will.

Your brain is powerful tool so don't ignore it. Work on your mind as well as your body.

Seek Help

If these sex tips are not working for you, or if you are facing any serious problems in your sex life or relationship, then you should seek professional help. There are therapists that specialize in helping couples with Peyronie's disease and / or chronic impotency.

You should seek help sooner rather than later as impotence and other sexual problems tend to be more difficult address with time. The sooner you tackle the problem, the better and quicker results you are likely to get.

Follow these sex tips for men with Peyronie's disease and you are likely to achieve better sexual relationship than before.

When was the last time you thought about your sex life? Not only did it. When did you last think about how to make love? When did you last think about how to improve your sex life? When was the last time you thought about new ways to pleasure your partner in bed?

You are investing time and effort in your relationship. That is likely to improve even the strongest relationships.

Now go and practice these sex tips...

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