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Traction Device Prevent Penile Shortening Following Penis Surgery

Penile shortening is a common side effect after any penis surgery. According to scientific studies, most penis surgeries result in penis shortening of up to 3 cm.

The penis shortening occurs because of scar retraction, i.e. the area around the scar shrinks when the scar heals, the penis in the case of penile surgery.

Using penis traction device is a reliable solution to post-surgical penis shortening. Various studies confirm that traction devices can enhance both penis length and girth.

In another article on this website, I explored the benefits and downsides of using Penis Traction Device to treat men with Peyronie's disease, i.e. to treat penile curvature. You might want to read that article as well if you have not already done so.

I have not had penis surgery but I used penis traction device from Andromedical successfully treat my Peyronie's disease. Not only did it work on my penis curvature, it also resulted in longer penis and increased penis girth.

Andromedical recommends using their Andropeyronie device to treat post-surgical penile shortening.

Dr. Levine, one of the best known Peyronie's specialists in the world today, now recommends traction therapy for all his non-surgical patients.

He also recommends it to those who plan to undergo surgery, i.e. to use traction device before surgery if possible, but certainly after the surgery to encourage straight healing and prevent post-operative shortening.

How Does Andropeyronie Work?

Andropeyronie is a specially designed to treat men with Peyronie's disease.

Andropeyronie traction device to prevent penile shortening

It works on the same principles as other penis traction devices but allows you to control the direction of the traction to help straightening the penis, as well as enhancing the penis length and girth.

Andropeyronie keeps constant force of traction on the penis while you are wearing the device. The traction stops the scar retraction from pulling the penis inwards and hence prevents post-surgical penile shortening.

Your penis is vulnerable after undergoing penis surgery, so it is important to use gentle traction in the beginning and gradually build up the time and tension used. You should also liaise with your surgeon prior to undertaking any post surgical penis enhancement therapy.

Is Traction Only Suitable After Peyronie's Surgery?

Using traction device is not only suitable for men that have had Peyronie's surgery.

Andropeyronie is an effective solution after any penis plastic surgery where penile shortening is likely to occur, e.g. prostate cancer surgery, urethral narrowing correction surgery, bladder related surgery, traumatic lesions to the penis surgery and any surgery for penis enlargement.

The Results Of Using Traction Device To Treat Men After Penis Surgery

Studies have shown Andropeyronie to be very effective in preventing post-surgical penile shortening. In some cases, it has not only prevented shortening, it has also resulted in visible penis lengthening.

The Andropenis website lists number of studies that all confirm that using penis-stretching device like Andropeyronie is an effective and safe way to maximize penile length in Peyronie's patients undergoing surgery.

Like this study (MP-2-5) that concluded:

"Use of the penile extender device on an 8 to 12-hour daily regimen is an effective and safe way to minimize loss of penile length in patients operated for PD. Its use provides a significant improvement on HRQOL outcomes compared to the control group" (Management of penile shortening Opens in new window symbol)

What Makes Andropeyronie A Good Choice?

There are many reasons why Andropeyronie is a good choice for men undergoing any penis cosmetic surgery.

Penis enlargement traction device is a safe and very effective treatment to minimize post-surgical penile shortening.

Andropeyronie uses gentler traction force than some of the traditional penis-stretching devices do. This makes Andropeyronie better choice for a penis that has undergone surgery.

The product itself is of high quality, the springs are made of stainless steel and the shafts of surgical aluminum. Andropeyronie comes with everything you need to start your treatment but you can buy any spare parts if needed.

It is very easy and convenient to use Andropeyronie. It comes with good instructions in many languages and arrives in discreet shipping package.

The manufacturer, Andromedical, is a reputable company (founded in the year 2000) that operates on global level, selling its products worldwide to over 140 countries.

All Andromedical products are medically approved and you can find supporting copies of all relevant documents on their website, including copies of health licenses, scientific studies and curriculum for all members of their Medical Advisory Board.

Andropeyronie is very competitively priced compared to the other suitable penis traction device for Peyronie's patients on the market.

My conclusion is that Andropeyronie is the best penis-stretching device for any man that has undergone penis surgery because...

It is medically approved top quality product, made by reputable manufacturer, easy and convenient to use, scientific studies support its effectiveness in minimizing penile shortening, and the price is very compatible.

Finally yet importantly, Andropeyronie uses gentler traction force than some of the other the traditional penis extender does... making it the perfect device for a penis that has undergone the trauma of penis plastic surgery.

Where to buy Andropeyronie?

You can buy the Andropeyronie directly from this website. By doing so, you support my effort in maintaining this free website to support other Peyronie's sufferers. The price is the same as if you buy directly from the manufacturer.

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