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Erectile Health Monitor For Home Use

Everyone is aware that good erectile rigidity is required in order to enjoy full sexual intercourse. But not many know that penis hardness is also one of the best indicators of man's overall health.

Androerectest is a digital erectile health monitor that allows you to measure your penis rigidity safely in the privacy of your own home. Just as you can with home blood pressure monitors.

Why Is Erectile Rigidity So Important?

Androerectest erectile health monitor
Erection Qualtiy Monitor

Most men agree that not all erections are equal. Some erections are harder than others. It can depend on the level of arousal, as well as your form on the day, e.g. whether you are tired, not feeling well, stressed, etc.

Sexual intercourse is achievable as long as the erectile rigidity is sufficient. However, low quality erections increase the risk of injuring your penis during sexual intercourse and can result in Peyronie's disease.

Your penis hardness is also one of the best indicators for your overall health. Rigid erections indicate healthy blood circulation status. While poor quality erections can be the first indication of various health problems, such as diabetes, high cholesterol level and hypertension.

Measuring your erectile rigidity on regular basis will not only allow you to take actions to prevent erection problems becoming severe (erectile dysfunction / impotence).

It can also help you to detect serious illnesses early on.

How Does Androerectest Work?

Androerectest is a safe and easy to use digital erectile health monitor that allows you to measure your erection quality in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Androerectest is based on the professional DIR Rigidometers but has been adjusted for home use.

Two Androerectest erectile health monitors
Androerectest Erectile Monitors

Rigidometers are used by physicians worldwide and play an important role in the field of erectile dysfunction management.

Various scientific studies have shown them to be extremely reliable and safe to use.

Axial rigidity gives the best indication of your erection quality (better than circumferential rigidity). The best erectile health monitors therefore measure the penis axial rigidity.

Androerectest measures the pressure that can be applied to the erected penis and provides quantifiable measurement in the forms of grams of axial rigidity.

If your results are regularly below 1,000 grams then there is a room for improvement and you should consult your doctor to avoid more serious erection problems in the future.

Androerectest erectile health monitor is perfectly safe device to use and involves no health risk. It is however important to follow the guidelines carefully to obtain reliable reading.

It could not be easier to use Androerectest. Just switch it on and press the sensor against the tip of your erect penis for 5 seconds. You will see the test results (grams of axial rigidity) immediately on the screen.

Why Is Androerectest Good Choice?

There are many reasons why Androerectest is good erectile health monitor.

  • It is perfectly safe and easy to use
  • It is based on the DIR Rigidometers which is used by professionals worldwide
  • It measures axial rigidity, the best indicator for erection quality
  • It provides objective and quantifiable unit of measurement (grams of axial rigidity)
  • Various scientific studies show it to give accurate and reliable readings
  • The seller, Andromedical, is a reputable international manufacturer of medical male enhancement products
  • It allows you to measure your erectile health in the privacy of your own home on regular basis
  • It helps you to identify erection problems before they become too serious
  • It can help you to detect various other illnesses early on
  • It is affordable and the price is very competitive
  • It comes with 2 year guarantee

Monitoring your erection rigidity on regular basis is highly recommended by health professionals as it allows you to detect various problems early on. The sooner you react to any health issue the better.

Erectile Dysfunction

Detecting erection problems early on is important and the sooner you start erectile dysfunction treatment the better chance you have of staying sexually active for longer.

Erectile dysfunction cures includes drugs, like Viagra, but Penis Vacuum Pumps have also shown to be over 90% effective for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Where Can I Buy Erection Quality Monitor?

You can buy the Androerectest erectile monitor directly from this website. If you do that, you support my effort in maintaining this free website to support other Peyronie's sufferers. The price is the same as if you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Two Androerectest erectile health monitors

Androerectest erectile monitor

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