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Peyronie's Forums

There are number of on-line Peyronie's forums available, providing valuable information and support to men with Peyronie's disease. Some forums are though better than others are.

Why use Peyronie's forums?

In this article you will find advice on pros and cons of using forums, and brief review with links to forums that I consider of value in your research into PD.

Not only are some forums more active than others, they allow you to participate without disclosing your identity.

Some forum members, and even forum administrators, may have undisclosed commercial interest for their opinion and advice, so beware of that.

Forum members also tend to be non-professionals. They are not medically qualified to give you treatment advice (like dosage intake advice) so you should always double-check all information you find in Peyronie's forums. It is important to have this in mind when reading forum posts.

The Pros And Cons Of On-line Peyronie's Forums

There is no question that forum for Peyronie's offer valuable support to men with Peyronie's disease (and their partners). I found good advices during my treatment research.

Peyronie's is a very private disease and many men find it difficult to confide in others on how they feel about it. Many men with Peyronie's disease feel isolated as a result.

Participating in Peyronie's forums can help breaking this isolation. You are not alone with this disease anymore. There are men out there that understand how you feel, men you can ask for advice and opinion, men you can confide in without disclosing your identity, men that can give you emotional support when you need it most.

On-line forums for men with Peyronie's disease also offer lot of information and advice, but how reliable are those information?

Some on-line forums for men with Peyronie's disease have been “hijacked” by spammers or the people behind the forum are “promoting” certain views. In both cases there is likely to be commercial interest behind the views presented.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with promoting and selling products and services. It is only wrong if you are hiding your commercial interests. Every website should have Disclaimer where all commercial interests are disclosed, for example here is mine.

Man on Peyronie's forum in his computer

However, most forum members will be individuals like you and me, men with Peyronie's disease, looking for answers or giving support to fellow Peyronie's sufferers.

Just bear in mind that most of the forum members are only experts in their personal Peyronie's experience, i.e. they are not professionals / experts in treating Peyronie's disease as such.

They usually just know what worked or did not work for them and their condition, though some have researched Peyronie's disease extensively and are very knowledgeable about most aspects of the disease. You will soon be able to judge for yourself who those individuals are. However, it still does not make them qualified Peyronie's professionals (anymore than me).

Peyronie's forum members are not medically qualified to give you treatment advice so you should always double-check all the information you find in Peyronie's forums... just in case.

Peyronie's forum members experience is however very valid and can be beneficial for men with similar conditions. More importantly, their experience can encourage you, motivate you, give you much needed hope, provide you with valuable emotional support, etc.

So do check some of the on-line forums for men with Peyronie's disease, just have the following tips in mind when doing so.

Practical Tips When Participating In Peyronie's Forums

Always read all forum posts with a questioning approach. Use your common sense. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is (not true that is).

Use your brain, not your heart. Don't just take one's word that something works, or not. Read all you can on the subject and take on board wide range of opinions. Look for scientific proofs. Take your own informed decision about your Peyronie's treatment.

Actually, you should use this same attitude when digesting any information from third party, whatever being the internet, books, television, etc.

Never accept medical advice from someone you don't know the identity of. Even if someone claims to be a professional / expert, if you cannot verify their credentials, seek another opinion or ignore the advice.

Some men only read on Peyronie's forums, i.e. they do not participate in the discussion and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you feel that forum for Peyronie's has been beneficial to you, then consider giving back by providing help and advice to other men with Peyronie's disease.

Even if only (hopefully) to share your own successful Peyronie's story. Nothing gives men with Peyronie's disease more boost / hope than realizing that Peyronie's does not have to rule your life forever.

List Of On-line Peyronie's Forums

Peyronie's Disease Society's Support Forum Opens in new window symbol is the largest and most active Peyronie's forum today. I read for hours there when I was fighting my Peyronie's disease.

The list of topics is extensive, the points of views are varied, the atmosphere is generally supportive and some forum members are very knowledgeable about the disease. On the downside, it can be difficult to search for particular topics / answers and some of the topics go on a bit, sometimes straying away from the topic.

APDA Peyronie's Forum Opens in new window symbol is a relatively new but promising forum as it has the support of Association of Peyronie's Disease Advocates (APDA), an Inspire trusted partner (online health and wellness community for patients and caregivers).

The Andropenis Forum Opens in new window symbol is aimed towards users of traction devices from Andromedical. If you are using, or considering using penis traction device to treat your Peyronie's disease, then you should definitely check it out.

It offers great advice on how to use traction devices and men exchange their experience. There is also a section aimed especially towards Peyronie's patients.

Peyronie's.org Forum Opens in new window symbol is more Q&A than members forum, i.e. you can send in question and Dr. Martin Gelbard MD answers them. Dr. Gelbard is a reputable doctor in this field and in the Medical Advisory Board of APDA.

It can be helpful to read Dr. Gelbard answers. To search for your topic, just use CTRL-F (on windows) or Option-F (on Mac) and type in the keyword for what you are looking for, e.g. traction or traction device.

Another less active Peyronie's forum is Men's Health Peyronie's Disease Forum Opens in new window symbol. It may still be worth checking them out as some Peyronie's questions and answers are “timeless” (evergreen topics).

Finally, Frank Talk Opens in new window symbol is a peer-support website dedicated in helping men to deal with erectile dysfunction (ED). Many men with Peyronie's have found their forum helpful, not least those that also suffer from ED.

Non-English Speaking Peyronie's Forums

There are some Peyronie's forums in other languages than English. If you manage one or know about good forum in non-English speaking language then let me know and I will link to it.

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