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Involving Peyronie's Partner Is Important

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The benefits of involving Peyronie's partner are immense. Actually, the more you involve your partner during your dealings with Peyronie's disease, the better for you.

It goes without saying that it is better for your relationship when you deal with difficulties together as a couple.

Moreover, it is also likely to have a positive impact on the result you get from your Peyronie's treatment.

Why do I say that? I can't proof it as such but my common sense tells me that dealing with Peyronie's together must always be better than doing it on your own.

Peyronie's does not only affect your body, it does also affect your soul. Supportive partner works magic for the soul and the better you feel emotionally, the better you are equipped with dealing with your Peyronie's disease.

Therefore, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain by including your partner in your battle with the Peyronie's disease.

How To Involve Your Partner?

How you involve your partner is less important than involving Peyronie's partner. What do I mean? It is actually quite simple. It does not matter so much how you involve your partner, just as long as you do.

What works for one couple is not necessarily right for another couple. Every couple has to find the right level of involvement that suits their relationship.

The following ways of involving Peyronie's partner can be very beneficial and are therefore highly recommended.


I keep coming back to communication because it is the key for surviving Peyronie's as a couple. It is as simple as that.

  • Tell your partner how you feel
  • Ask your partner how she feels... and listen to her
  • Tell your partner what you are discovering about the Peyronie's disease, e.g. through your research, your doctor's appointments, on the on-line forums you participate in
  • Discuss the available treatment options with your wife, ask for her opinion
  • When undergoing Peyronie's treatment, discuss the treatment with her, i.e. how does it feel, are you experiencing any progress, and so on

Ask For Help

Your partner may be desperate to support you but has no idea how. Your wife can assist you in many ways. Involving Peyronie's partner is up to you, i.e. what kind of a help do you want from her.

Tell your partner what you want her to do, just ask for help. Being able to help you, however small that may be, is likely to be imperative for her. Women can feel powerless when they feel they cannot do anything for the person they love.

The sort of help you need is personal and differs between men. My wife helped me with the following:

  • She joined me on my doctor's appointments
    • It was helpful as she remembered to ask some questions I forgot to ask
    • It was also great to be able to discuss together afterwards what the doctor had said, it ensured we understood what he said in the same way
  • She researched the Peyronie's disease with me
    • On more than one occasion she found information that I had missed
    • This was especially important as it allowed us to discuss our findings and thoughts from similar standpoint
  • She helped me with my confidence in bed
    • Her reassurance was important for my sexual confidence and enjoyment

You can also ask your partner to help you with your treatment if relevant, e.g. to help you with the penile extender or with your medication, e.g. injecting you or just reminding you to take your pills on time.

You can ask your partner to help you find new ways to stay intimate or in finding more comfortable sexual positions for you.

It does not matter so much how you involve your partner, just as long as you do. Being able to do something for you will help your partner to feel useful, to feel more in control.

Support Your Partner

Don't forget, your spouse needs support too and you can support her. Ask her how she feels, ask for her opinion, listen to her, hold her, etc.

Your partner might benefit from reading our Advice For Peyronie's Partners section, so you might want to point it out to her.

Supporting your partner will make you feel good too, as it feels better not to be the only one on the receiving end. Getting through Peyronie's together is a two way street, it is about give and take.

Involving Peyronie's partner is priceless... so just do it.

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