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Good Results From Using Combination Of Medication

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Hello to all!

Combination of pills

I am 39 years old and I was diagnosed with Peyronie's disease three years ago, shortly after I had warning pain due to penis trauma while having sex.

I saw an urologist in my area and was prescribed vitamin E (300mg/day) and cortisone injections intra-plaque. I was not convinced of such therapy, considering what I read on the net.

So I contacted a specialist (350 km away) and after a thorough examination, he prescribed this therapy for six months:

Trental / Pentox - 1200 mg/day

Dromos - 1500 mg/day

Vitamin E - 300 mg/day

10 Verapamil injections - one every month

Propolberry 3P - one every day

I took this combination of medication for six months. Then I continued with only Trental and Propolberry 3P.

Fifteen days ago, I went for a final test with very satisfactory results:

"Plaque has reduced by 90% without involvement of the corpora cavernosa, 100% erection, and curvature reduced to negligible degree. There are no further check-ups."

I was told to continue only with Trental for a further year and then my Peyronie's treatment should be over.

I think my experience shows that though my Peyronie's (IPP) is not cured, it can improve significantly. I estimate that my penis curvature was around 25 – 30 degrees before I started my therapy.

Today I live a satisfying sex life without any problem. In all probability, as the specialist said, the disease was diagnosed early on and therefore the results were excellent.

And why it is necessary, at the first symptoms, to visit your doctor without any shame! The time, for IPP, is a very important factor.

The total cost of my treatment (specialist visits + drugs) was approximately € 2.000 / 2.500 euro, the State (Italy) returns 20% of the price of the drugs.

Thanks and sorry for my English!


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  1. Birgir September 25th, 2013

    Thank you very much for sharing your story and congratulations with your excellent results.

    It is very inspiring to read uplifting stories like yours. It gives much needed hope and motivation.

    Kind regards,


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