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The Peyronies Device Review
Designed To Treat Penis Curvature

Recently men have been complaining about not being able to get hold of The Peyronies Device, neither by phone or e-mail. I have therefore decided to stop representing them until they have improved their Customer Service.

For similar devices, I recommend Andropeyronie, MaleEdge and Phallosan.

The Peyronies Device is a curvature-straightening device, especially designed to treat penis curvature caused by Peyronie's disease.

This review is based on me personally inspecting and trying on the product (not to treat my Peyronie's disease though as I had already done so successfully with another traction device).

I have already explained in details how Penis Traction Devices can benefit men with Peyronie's disease and how various studies confirm the success. I'm assuming you have already read that and now want to find out if the Peyronies Device is the right traction device for you.

Peyronies Device treatment package

The device is available in three different packages: the device only, as curvature straightening treatment plan and as Peyronie's treatment plan.

The curvature straightening treatment plan is aimed towards men with Congenital Curvature. It is the same device but without the products aimed towards treating the Peyronie's plaque.

The choice for men with Peyronie's disease is therefore between the device only and the full Peyronie's treatment plan. This review goes meticulously through all the items included in each package to help you to decide on the right package for you.

This Peyronies Device review contains the following sections:

The Peyronies Device

Peyronies Device is owned by Permenda Ltd, which also owns the well-known SizeGenetics brand. The device itself is manufactured in Europe (Denmark).

The Peyronies Device Only package includes the actual curvature straightening device and all the accessories that go with it. The components included are:

The Traction Device

This is the main component, the one that fits over the penis. All penis traction devices look similar but the quality of the material, weight, rods and pressure applied varies.

The Peyronies Device is visible of good quality. The base is sturdy, as are the metal rods and the springs (that control the pressure).

The Peyronies Device components

It is not the lightest traction device that I have tried on but it is light enough (93 grams) and comfortable to wear (or as these things are comfortable).

The only thing that bothered me little bit first when I was trying it on was to fasten / loosen the device when I had put it on. To explain; when you put the device on the rods are loose next to the base to allow you to maneuver your penis in place. When done you fasten the rods by fastening the screws next to the base.

I'm used to fastening screws by turning them in one direction (clockwise) and losing them by turning them in the opposite direction (anti-clockwise). In this case, one screw is fastened in one direction but the other in the opposite direction. It did confuse me a bit in the beginning but I'm sure regular user will get used to it pretty quickly.

The Peyronies Device comes with 8 rods in different sizes: 2 small (1.25 cm / 0.5 inch), 2 medium (2.5 cm / 1 inch) and 4 long (5 cm / 2 inches). The instruction DVD explains how to correctly measure the penis to decide how many rods to starts with, but it depends on the length of the flaccid penis.

The small rods are then added to increase the pressure. When you want to increase it again you replace the small rod with a medium rod (equal to two small rods), then add the small again next time and finally you can replace them all with a long one (equal to four small rods). Hope this makes sense but it is straightforward process and obvious when you have the device at hand.

Also included are two wrenches to fasten / loosen the rods if needed.

Multi Head

The Peyronies Device includes two so-called Dual Heads that fasten the penis to the device (using strap or noose).

Peyronies Device duel heads

The one with two holes (there is a third hole in the middle that I have never understood the purpose of and therefore ignoring) is the one used to enhance the penis length and girth.

However, what matters to men with penis curvature is the other one, i.e. the one with four holes (the Multi Head).

The Multi Head allows you to control the direction of the traction (Directional Noose Straightening) and is what makes this traction device truly a Peyronie's device. The Multi Head allows you to add extra tension to a left or right sided curve, depending on how you place the silicon noose in it.

You place the silicon noose in holes 1 and 4 if you have curvature to the left, but through holes 2 and 3 to correct right sided curvature.

Treating penis curvature to the left with penis traction device Treating penis curvature to the right with penis traction device

Strap On Methods

The Peyronies Device includes two strap on methods, the comfort strap and a silicon noose.

Peyronies Device strap on methods

You can use either method if you are using the device for penis enlargement. However, if you are using the Multi Head to treat penis curvature then you can only use the silicon noose.

The silicon noose looks like good quality strap. It is sturdy but still flexible.

This is important as the noose takes lot of "wear and tear" and does get loose with continued use (that was at least my experience with another brand). It may need to be replaced at some point, i.e. depending on how much the device is used.

Comfort Kit

Wearing penis traction device is not comfortable as such but most men get quickly used to it.

Peyronies Device comfort kit

Still, everything that makes it more comfortable to wear is of great value and increases the likelihood of men regularly using the device and for longer periods.

The comfort foam and the latex comfort strips from SizeGenetics are designed to help men to wear the device for the maximum amount of time.

While the velcro strip and the latex grip offer additional grip when holding the penis against the device, i.e. reducing the chance of the penis slipping out of the unit.

Perfect Grip System

The grip is important for holding the penis in place in the curvature-straightening device. The Perfect Grip System offers 16 different ways of wearing the device, i.e. to secure the strap on method on the Dual Head.

Peyronies Device perfect grip system

The photo shows the 16 different ways but only those with the silicon noose are applicable if you are using the Multi Head. There are still 11 different ways to choose between.

One way is wearing the silicon noose only, another way is wearing the latex comfort strip underneath the noose, you could even wear the latex grip on top of the latex comfort strip and then the silicon noose. I tried the device with the different protection pads and it felt comfortable to wear.

Just experiment with the different options and you will quickly discover which suits you best.

Lockable Faux Leather Case

The Peyronies Device arrives in stylish box made of faux leather. There is a key so you can lock it.

Peyronies Device box and key

It is useful to be able to store the device safely away when not using it and not least all the accessories, i.e. so you won’t lose them. It though takes little practice to fit everything properly in the box after opening it for the first time (this has been the case with most traction device boxes I have seen so far).

Introduction DVD

The instruction DVD includes complete instructions on how to use and get the most out of your Peyronies Device. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

If you have problem locating it (as I did in the beginning), just remove the top part inside the box (obvious once you know it).

Bottom Line

The Peyronies Device is of good quality and the Multi Head allows you to control the direction of the tension, which makes this an excellent traction device for men with Peyronie's disease.

The Peyronies Device Only package

The various accessories (comfort foam, latex comfort strips, velcro strip, latex grip) are designed for your comfort. This will increase your chances of wearing the device for long periods.

The only obvious downside I can see is that the global 6 months guarantee does not apply if you only buy the device, i.e. it only applies if you buy the full Peyronies Treatment Plan...

The Peyronies Treatment Plan

The Peyronies Treatment Plan includes The Peyronies Device and all the accessories as described before. In addition, it includes various supplements aimed to work on the Peyronie's penis plaque, as well as global 6 months guarantee (exclusive to the Peyronies Treatment Plan).

Extreme Amino

The Extreme Amino includes combination of L-Arginine HCI, Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, and Vitamin E Acetate with Piperine 95% (said to increase the absorption of the active ingredients by up to 60%).

Bottle of Extreme Amino supplement

L-Arginine, Carnitine and Vitamin E have been widely used by Peyronie's patients. I go through the pros and cons, side effects, studies for each in detail in the relevant articles, just click on the links for more details.

But in short, L-Arginine can benefit men with erectile problems (common among men with Peyronie's disease), one study has found Acetyl-L-Carnitine to reduce penile curvature significantly, while the latest studies have indicated that Vitamin E has limited, if any, affect on the Peyronie's plaque.

The bottom line is that these are among the safest and most popular supplements currently used to treat Peyronie's disease.

Most Peyronie's specialists now recommend fighting the Peyronie's disease from as many angles as possible. For example, Dr. Levine, one of the best-known Peyronie's specialists in the world today, recommends Combined Treatment Plan that includes oral treatment (including L-Arginine), injections, and the use of penis stretching device.

All the ingredients are considered safe and with only mild side effects. However, all medication may affect other medication so if you are on some medication it is best to check with your doctor prior to starting the Peyronies Treatment Plan.

The dosage of each ingredient in Extreme Amino is within the recommended maximum daily dosage limit for Peyronie's patients, i.e. 2,000 mg of Carnitine and L-Arginine, and 400 IU of Vitamin E.

You can of course buy all the ingredients separately. The price is likely to be similar but Extreme Amino also includes Piperine 95% that improves the absorption of the active ingredients and hence should give better results. There is also some added benefit of having to swallow fewer tablets on daily basis.

Enzyme P500

Bottle of Enzyme P500 supplement

The Enzyme P500 includes 10 enzymes / supplements that are very popular among men with Peyronie's disease. Including many of the ingredients in Neprinol (a popular but quite expensive Peyronie's supplement), e.g. Bromelain, Papain, Serrapeptase, Rutin, Nattokinase and Coenzyme Q10.

Enzyme P500 also includes Lipase, Magnesium, Fungal Protease and Amla Ext. I talk about most of those ingredients in more detail in my article Do Peyronie's Supplements Work?

In short, there is little or no scientific evidence that any supplements work on Peyronie's disease. This though does not mean that supplements do not work. It just means there is little scientific evidence for their efficacy... or not.

Does this mean Enzyme P500 is waste of time and money? Not at all. As long as there is no cure for Peyronie's disease, most Peyronie's specialists now recommend fighting the disease from as many corners as possible.

Many men with Peyronie's are convinced that the above ingredients have helped them in their fight against Peyronie's disease. Other feel they have not. This is the same as with any Peyronie's treatment. They seem to work for some men, but not for others.

The bottom line is that Enzyme P500 does combine many of the most popular enzymes that may work on Peyronie's disease, like Bromelain, Papain, Rutin, Nattokinase and Serrapeptase. And the price is better than if buying them separately (or if buying Neprinol).

CoQ10 Enzyme+

The CoQ10 Enzyme+ includes Coenzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid (and Piperine 95% for improved absorption).

CoQ10 supplement bottle

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance that may be beneficial for treating Peyronie's disease. One Study Opens in new window symbol shows that CoQ10 therapy leads to "plaque size and penile curvature reduction and improves EF" in patients with early chronic Peyronie's disease. Encouraging findings though more studies are needed.

Alpha Lipoic Acid seems to help prevent certain kinds of cell damage in the body and also works as antioxidant. I'm not aware of its possible affect on Peyronie's but it has been quite popular Peyronie's supplement, often taken with Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

Go Today Vitamin E Oil

Go Today Vitamin E Oil

The Peyronies Treatment Plan recommends using the Go Today Vitamin E Oil with their Straight Again Massage Techniques and for men with Peyronie's disease to apply it directly to the scar tissue.

As said before, there are limited evidence that Vitamin E works on the Peyronie's plaque. However, most men with Peyronie's disease still take Vitamin E, i.e. on the "can't hurt basis".

I don't see Go Today Vitamin E Oil as vital part of any Peyronie's treatment but I don't see it hurts either.

Straight Again™ Massage Techniques

This DVD includes 20+ massage techniques that are designed to help with erection hardness, ejaculation control, length gains, and curvature straightening. Each technique is clearly demonstrative by live model.

Straight again massage techniques

I must admit that I have somewhat mixed feelings about Penis Exercises. Mainly because it can be difficult to ensure consistent force when manually manipulating the penis. The last thing men with Peyronie's want to do is to risk their condition getting worse.

Still, if you exercise caution then these exercises might be helpful, especially those directly aimed towards curvature straightening. Just start slowly and very gradually increase the time and force used.

Stop immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort, or if you are not comfortable with what you are doing.

Global 6 Months Guarantee

There is a 6 months global money back guarantee with the Peyronies Treatment Plan. Conditions do apply, make sure you read them carefully prior to buying or at least before using your Peyronies Device.

Bottom Line

The additional products included in the Peyronies Treatment Plan include combination of the most popular supplements currently used by Peyronie's patients.

To buy Peyronies Treatment Plan affilate opens in new window

There is some scientific support behind using some of them but not for others. However, lack of scientific support does not mean they don't work, it just means there is lack of evidence that they work... or don't work.

The Peyronies Treatment Plan fights the Peyronie's disease from more corners than if using only the curvature-straightening device. And in principle I'm up for that.

Nb. These are considered safe supplements with mild side effects. However all medication may affect other medication so if you are on some medication you should check with your doctor prior to starting the Peyronie's treatment plan.

My Personal Opinion

The Peyronies Device is a welcome addition to products aimed to treat men with penis curvature caused by Peyronie's disease.

The device itself is of good quality and includes all the accessories needed to make it as comfortable to wear as possible...

As well as the all-important Multi Head, that allows you to control the direction of the tension. This is what makes the Peyronies Device excellent traction device for men with Peyronie's disease.

Is The Basic Device Enough?

Do You Need The Peyronies Treatment Plan?

I cannot answer that as such as it's up to you. The Peyronies Device does not guarantee success, no non-surgical treatment can guarantee penis curvature straightening / reduction.

However, number of scientific studies and long list of satisfied users (I'm one of them) have shown penis traction devices to be very efficient in correcting Peyronie's curvature in some men, especially those with mild or moderate curvature.

The actual traction device plays the key role in this form of treatment. In my opinion, the biggest benefit of the Peyronies Device is the Multi Head that allows you to control the direction of the curvature.

The Multi Head is what makes the Peyronies Device better for men with Peyronie's disease than the traditional traction devices.

The Peyronies Treatment Plan includes combination of the most popular supplements currently used by Peyronie's patients. Unfortunately, the package only includes one-month supply of the supplements.

I feel that is not enough for realistic results. For example, recommended length for Carnitine Peyronie's treatment is 3 months. You can buy additional supplements if you want to give the treatment plan better chance to work.

The Bottom Line

I find the Peyronies Device to be a good traction device for Peyronie's patients with mild or moderate curvature.

The Peyronies Treatment Plan may give even better results as it fights the disease from more than one corner.

Where To Buy Peyronies Device?

You can Buy Your Peyronies Device directly from the official Peyronies Device website. They offer secure shopping, discreet packaging, and fast delivery.

Recently men have been complaining about not being able to get hold of The Peyronies Device, neither by phone or e-mail. I have therefore decided to stop representing them until they have improved their Customer Service.

For similar devices, I recommend Andropeyronie, MaleEdge and Phallosan.

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